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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Out with the with the new

We have had a very very exciting couple of weeks.

#1 - I got a new job!! What?!?! I finally broke my ties with the CPA firm. It was hard considering I've been there for 7 years, that's all I know, I'm comfortable with it and I've made many good friends there. The only thing that was keeping me there was my coworkers. This past year, our life has been so much different with a child and I knew I had to make a change. Going through tax season and working those long hours made me realize that there's more to life than work and money. Looking for a job is always difficult, especially in this economy. About three weeks ago, I heard of a job opening at a local church (Finance Administrator) and I jumped on it right away. Two weeks after that they offered and I accepted!! This past week was my first week there and of course things are slow and I've got lots to learn, I already feel at home and I've got such a good feeling about it.

JT was sad to see me go and one partner was upset that I didn't come talk to him about how I was feeling, but he couldn't give me what I wanted there. He told me that I always had a place there if things didn't work at the church....which was very reassuring.

JT had a going away party for me on my last day which included cake (as always). At every going away party, they always try to get the person leaving to make a speech. Well...I was ready! I prepared a poem, because the people there do mean a lot to me, I wanted them to know that they were appreciated and they would be missed. I wrote this very fast, so some of the rymes were forced, so they may not make a whole lot of sense. I made sure I included everyone there. I know most of you readers don't know these people, but I did get several laughs (exactly what I was looking for):

Farewell Speech by Mary Parrish:

Jackson Thornton has been my second home for 7 years
But for some reason all I've wanted after work is a few beers

I've made many friends that I hold close to my heart
I can guarantee it will be very difficult to part

As I go on to my next journey, I think of what I'll miss
It's hard to think of everything, my mind is a bliss

I will miss Denese walking by saying Mary Mary quite contrary
Not having her next door is going to be very scary

I will miss Robin….what really is there to say
He thinks he's very funny…so continue to make him feel that way

I will miss Tommy calling me sweet Mary
I sure do hope that nickname will continue to carry

To Suzanne, I will miss your smile and your motherliness
I hope I'm not leaving you with too big of a mess

To my best friend Tuan, I will probably miss the most
Don't tell her that because she will definitely boast

I will miss my Terr Bear b/c every time he walks by
He makes funny faces, I laugh so hard I want to cry

To Melanie, I will miss stories of the family drama
But don't ya'll think she's turning into one hot mama?

To my little Ryno…my buddy when it comes to Hall
Next year, I'll be sure to tell you that I'm having a ball!

To Kathy, so wonderful, you take such good care of us
Thinking of leaving you really makes me want to cuss.

To Chase, please help out Tuan and Ryan
B/c with Hall, they may be coming home a cryin

To the boys downstairs (still including Ben)
I hope one day everybody will start calling you men.

To client accounting…I rarely did worked with you
But you know I will definitely miss you too!

To Mark…I'm glad you're not like the normal IT geeks
But I've really wanted you to fix my computer for weeks

To Rachel….how would the office even operate
I'm pretty sure without you everyone would be irate

To Linda, I know keeping up with the partners is a chore
I wish you well that it's not too much of a bore

To Suzi and Brenda…you two are just so cute and fun
Being with you makes me want to go hang out in the sun

To all of you, it has truly been a wonderful 7 years
I will definitely hold you in my heart so near

With that said, things change, people move on without falling
So, right now I've got the man of the cloth calling

I couldn't leave without saying a farewell goodbye
I hope you will all come by and at least say hi


#2 - This church also has a great daycare. So, after I accepted we went down to the CDC (Child Development Center) to see if we could get Colt in. Well....guess what! There just happened to be an opening because one of the kids in the 1 year old class moved up. Everything is just falling into place.

So, all I have to do in the morning is go drop him off at the CDC and walk down the hall to my office. It's awesome! I couldn't ask for more...well, I guess I could ask to not work at all...but we've gotta pay the bills!

Usually his Nana keeps him, but we planned on sending him to daycare after he turned one. His first week has gone great. I love his teachers (and they love me since I'll be giving them their pay checks:)). They both seem great...young, energetic and sweet. They fell for Colt right off the bat after they picked him up and he gave them his usual hug. How could you not love him?? They have writting a note each day this week on how is was doing:

Day 1 - "He had a very good day today! We played outside a couple of times. He ate a good meal. Colt is truly a pleasure to have in my class"

Day 2 - "He was bitten on the arm by his buggy neighbor. I'm so sorry!" Treatment - "Cold rag, TLC & lots of kisses"

Day 3 - "He is so silly! I've laughed at him all morning:)"

Colt has done very well...he does come home hungry and tired, but that was expected.

Just wanted to share the news...I'm super excited about what's to come!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun in the sun...

Colt loves the water and does not hold back when he's in it. This is him this weekend at 1 year old swimming (with swimmies of course). I think it's pretty good! When Josh and I hold him in the water, he'll put his face in the water and push away from us, so he can swim.

First big boo boo

Colt is a big climber. Well it was bound to happen. He climbed up the stairs on the back porch and got something in his hands and started walking and there he went, right off the side of the porch and face planted on the concrete. After he hit, he laid on his back, it took Josh about 1 second to go pick him up, didn't cry AT ALL and he wanted back down to climb up the stairs again.

The fall left a nice little scrape on his head:(

This weekend he busted it open twice (started bleeding down his face), I wouldn't have known it because he didn't cry at all (once again). He's pretty tough!