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Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Every year, First UMC has the best pumpkin patch at their church.  They have a little fenced in area FILLED with lots and lots of pumpkins...big, small, white, orange, warty...yes, lots of gross looking warts.  And we have to pass by this pumpkin patch everyday on the way to and from daycare/work.  Colt always asks if we are going and finally his wish came true!  He is at the age where everything excites him and I love watching him just pour with glee and excitement over things like this.  It's so funny and sweet and innocent. 

If we ever do anything that I know he will get SO excited about, I have to tell him last minute that we are going.  I've made the mistake of telling him a few days before we plan on going somewhere....then the questions come, constant..."can we go now?", "when can we go?", "why can't we go right now?", "I want to go now!"  Just don't understand.  So, this day, I told Colt about a minute before we got there.  He was pumped!  We got out and he started running, yelling "Mommy!  Look at all the pumpkins!, Mommy! Look at this one, Mommy!  Look at this one!!"  And so sweet that he wants to show me...haha.  I love that the area is fenced in so I don't have to worry too much about losing both kids:)

Here are some pictures of the day:

 Love it!

 Addie was more interested in picking up things from the ground and putting them in her mouth.  Excited about this phase being over.

 I told Colt to go put his arm around Addie so I could get their picture.

 Oh wait!  There's a haystack!  Yay!

Well, we took a big pumpkin and two small pumpkins home...time to make a jack-o'lantern (sp)!

Monday, October 22, 2012


No denying who's child this is!

Fall Festival #1 (Grove Park)

Love that our neighborhood has a Fall Festival that we can just walk to.  No pressure, great fellowship and fun:)  Addie was a poopy head for most of the time, I couldn't even put her down which meant for a sore back for me, but Colt had a great time.  My sister also came, which is always a great help!  And her boyfriend took pictures for us!  Yay!!  SOOO, I just held Addie!  She did get down toward the end and we got some shots of her in her outfit.

I put both these outfits together.  If you have seen these outfits that are company made, they just aren't that cute (to me anyway).  I made Colt's vest (put the spots on and everything), he already had the jeans, sherriff's badge, gun and holster, just had to find him a hat ($5 at Walmart), boots ($6 at Kids Market - thanks to Leah!!!) and shirt ($6 from Nana - it's Polo too:).  It is impossible to find a plain yellow button down or tshirt...booo! This still looks pretty good!  I made Addie chapps and sewed the yellow fabric, rick-rack and buttons on the shirt (don't look closely)!  She already had the jeans and bought the red cowgirl hat from walmart for $5 (last one!).  LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out!

Attempting to put Addie didn't last long.

Yep, looks like a real cowboy...pfffff

Smelling the flowers.

Addie attempting to play a little...once again didn't last long, but Ryder is having a good time!

All of a sudden Colt turned into a tiger.  If he wasn't my kid I would have thought he was really strange, but he is so I thought it was cute and funny.

Looking cool with his hand in his pocket.

FINALLY...getting down and smiling:)


Don't mess with Jessie!

Colt in the blow up slide!

Woody and Jessie ready to head home!

Not sure about this:/