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Friday, June 28, 2013

South GA Throwdown

I really don't know what I'm thinking when I sign up for these...all the anticipation/nerves/work it's a lot on this 33 year old body!  But what the heck, I've developed so many awesome friends, and the connection of going through event like this is amazing really.  It's nothing you can imagine...I mean who truly is the best at working out???  HA!!  I competed on a scaled level at the South GA Throwdown and we did pretty 3rd place awesome:)  Nancy, Thomas and Brandon:)  Josh also competed, we won't say how they did, but he looks pretty awesome anyway:)

 The girls...the other girls...the ones in the really bright green...not sure if you can see them, competed RX...the beasts.
 The dudes, not sure what Nick is doing?

 See what I mean, he looks awesome, right?
 Ok, so when you work out, there's never a pretty face and I was the picture taker at this event, and who can take pics of themselves while they work out...nobody....but just to prove I did something...
Well here's another one, she just didn't catch me at the right spot, but I'm pretty sure I got this lift:)
 3rd!! - Did Nancy and I even sweat?
 LOVE this group!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Like Father like Daughter

The peanut butter was already out and I gave her a spoon...the rest was all Addie!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Trip to the Beach/Father's Day

We headed down to the beach again for the weekend of Father's Day.  Sad to say I didn't get any picture of Josh and the kids but we had a good time...the kids LOVE the beach!  It takes Addie a little bit to warm up to the water, but she does love the sand.  The whole Parrish family was down for the week.  Nils, Jenny, Fisher, Tyler, Hunter, Ayla, Ana, Eric, Nana, Pops, Josh, Addie, Colt and I staying in the condo and Jenny's place. 

Colt was everywhere...he absolutely LOVES the water.
This girl is just happy doing this:)

And see her in the distance and Pops and Fisher are running after her.  Glad they were watching!

Josh and I headed back with the kids on Sunday.  I decided that I would take a little time off and come back Monday after I did a little work.  Glad I did!  We headed back down Monday before nap and left Wednesday afternoon.  We spent a whole day with Mandy and Kyle in Santa Rosa Beach.  There is a "lake" near them so we played there for most of the afternoon.  Usually the lake is totally separated from the ocean, but when we pulled up noticed immediately that they opened it up and it was like white water rafting there!  The current was pretty strong and we had a little scare with fearless Colt when we first arrived.  He decided he could swim and jumped right on in without a life jacket.  It is a long scary story (one that I would like to forget) but to sum it up, I ran screaming like a crazy person for someone to catch him.  Luckily there were two men (who were laughing at me) standing at the end catching kids.  Whew....really took me a minute.  Anywho, after we got the life jackets on, they were golden.  Mandy or I would stand at the end to catch the kids and they had the best time!  Addie was content being held for the most part.  She was a trooper because we went well into her nap time.  Here you can see Mandy waving me on to send either Luke or Colt down her way.

It doesn't look as bad as it was...that current was kicking!

Addie being SO good!

Colt and Luke...this is Colt's "smile"
Colt and Addie....hahah...he's helping her smile

SO sweet!  Pulling was pretty tough, so it didn't last long.


In the morning Addie and I were first up, so we would go to star bucks down the road and walk around.  Decided I would try to take cute pics of her in her crab bubble.  She really wasn't cooperating, although the pics don't look that bad.  

 Trying to come around and see the picture I took.
 LOVE this!

 Addie running away from the seaweed in the sand.  She was telling it "no, no!"
 Colt was in full super hero mode when we got back. 
 Last trip to the pool before we left.  How cool is this fella?
 Oh my...definitely a boy...

 Does this look familiar?  "making" Addie smile.

We can't wait to go back!  Fun weekend/week!