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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Charlie is 10 Months

Charlie is now in the double digits at 10 months! It doesn't seem right. He's on the move exploring, opening cabinets, climbing stairs, shaking his head 'no', waving and saying bye-bye, playing fetch with himself, any kind of ball and he got 2 more teeth this month! Changing his diaper and clothes isn't as easy these days, he started putting more things in his mouth (ugh) and he's into nibbling on my shoulder (ouch). He weighs 19# 14oz because we just went to the doc for a double ear infection:( The laying down pic is over by the way!





Saturday, June 25, 2016

4 Year Celebration

Bam!  It's a great year to celebrate with the Haglers!  We are going strong at around 150 members.  A few much needed changes have happened this year.  Here's to another year...heading for FIVE years!!



Thursday, June 23, 2016


In a little number made by KK.  Worn by Ryder, Addie, Blaine and Graham:)




Saturday, June 4, 2016

Township Lake Day!

What a fun day!  Our neighbors invited us and other neighbors for a day on the lake at their family business's lake house.  This place was NICE...the only problem was it wasn't right on the lake but lake access and pool access was great!  We had the Brannons, Fains, Pemberstons, Coles and Grishams with us.

Charlie's first lake trip.  He did the best he possibly could with very little napping.  He was exhausted!

Colt had a blast riding on the tubes in the lake.  He even wake boarded!  We were so proud of him!

Addie was one and done on this thing...actually she didn't make it long AT ALL before freaking out.  She loved riding in the boat though.

Charlie loved the boat too, he just layed there the whole time not peeping a word.

We attempted to trap Charlie in the pack-n-play on the dock.  He napped a little but for the most part wanted out!


JP, George, Gabe, Colt and JP


The girls...Cathy, Lindsey, Erika, DeAnna, me, and Emily Anne


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

9 month check up

9 Month Check up went great!  We have a perfectly healthy little boy.  Dr. Benak was impressed with his throwing abilities at such a young age:) 

Weight: 19lbs 6 oz (40th percentile)
Height: 28.15" (50% percentile)


So curious!  And he was impressed Charlie would sit with him and didn't want/cry for me.

First Day of Gymnastics

To say she loved it was an understatement.  She would contantly look through the glass window to find me and see if I was watching her.  When she spotted me she would smiled and start jumping around and flapping her arms.  HAHA!