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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Charlie's First Haircut

Charlie's first hair cut...he's looking a little raggity...he did ok, he wasn't the easiest, I held him in my lap for the most part while she tried to cut his hair.  She was very hesitant on cutting those curls sooooo....he basically looks the same as when I brought him...but still cute as pie!




He got a little affectionate during the process and wouldn't stop kissing me!


And after!  No different...


Why didn't we think of the sucker WHILE he was getting his hair cut!?


Monday, January 9, 2017


One that is IN big school despises homework, one that isn't in school loves it.  Go figure.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Winter Iceland

I have never seen anyone do this before and I totally blew Josh off when he was talking about doing this.  He kept asking about getting a sprinkler because it was going to freeze in the middle of the night.  Our neighbors had one we could borrow.  Josh ran the sprinklers ALL NIGHT....can't wait for that bill.  But when I looked out in our back yard first thing the next morning I was SHOCKED!  Hahahah!  I just busted out laughing, I couldn't believe it.  Icycles galore and long ones...some were probably 2 or more feet long!  The kids (including the neighborhood kids) had a blast with it all day.  Even Charlie got to touch it a little  We had to be careful where the icycles were hanging from the tree...because ouch if one fell on you. 

This was on the cool!


View from the ditch.  It was very pretty




The most fun is destroying it ya know!

Friday, January 6, 2017



Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Years!

New Years at the beach for us this year.  We were asked by some friends to share news years at their beach place and thankfully it worked out.  We all, included Josh's parents and the kiddos, headed out early to spend some family time there before we split off.  So beautiful!  It was a little chilly but not too bad.


The kids enjoying some beach time.  Charlie loved the holes Colt and Addie were digging, they didn't like how much he liked the holes.  Addie kept picking him up out of her hole and putting him in Colt's hole.



They were covered in sand by the time we left.


Addie and that thumb!


Getting ready to head out.  So thankful for Nana and Pops watching them for us:)


We had a hard time finding reservations to eat anywhere.  Michelle was got reserved us a place down the street that was yummy!  They also served us complimentary bottles...yes bottles...of champayne per person.  So, we had 5 bottles of champayne on our table.  Let's just say most of them stayed very full the entire night. 


Us, Swanners, Haglers, Brannons and Arnolds.  We were off to watch fireworks from the boat!

So funny things is, we got on Lance's boat, rode out for quite a bit, it was super windy, cold and very dark!  Josh and Tommy were on spotlight duty so Lance could actually see to get where we were going.  We could all tell that Michelle was stressed out about entertaining, Lance and not being able to see AT ALL.  But those of us just there for the ride were fine.  Finally parked...and the fireworks started going off.  IN the FAR FAR distance...maybe around the house...we left from.  We could barely here much for watching fireworks...but it really was a fun time.  Once the very very very far fireworks were done, we headed in and hung out at their condo.  Happy New YEAR!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas on the Farm

Christmas at Granny's:)  The kids love going!  And Grandma is the cutest little thing!  We missed the Corbitt's this year.  They have such a busy schedule during Christmas!






Ryder and Addie playing with the tiny presents under the tiny tree.

My Dad...mmm....Addie thought he was really funny.  I'm just glad he came.





So sweet watching Grandma open her presents.

Addie loves her a baby!




Glad I could spend some time with these two.  Two super sweet girls!  Lara and Kristiana, all with our babies!

Sunday, December 25, 2016



Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!! I think Santa did OKAY!  Not too much...looks like Addie got several dolls just like she wanted:)  When the kids came downstairs they came into our room first (as directed) and we all went to the living room together.  The joy on their faces was priceless.  But the funny thing is they just sat on the big chair and looked from afar smiling.  I eventually said...ya'll can go touch the stuff!  Usually you see kids dive right in!  But don't worry, they did!

Sweet Charlie's second Christmas:)

Colt excited about his new glove...nice glove!
Colt's love for a soft blanket!  He always steals the decorative ones from downstairs, now he finally has his own. 

Oh Santa knows best!  Look at all the balls!

He was so cute gathering all the balls with his legs.

 Addie has all her things layed out:)
Charlie's favorite toy! 

Marshmallows and golf balls!  Why not?

And for the second year in a's 80 degrees outside.  We finally made it out...the whole neighborhood was out enjoying the pretty weather and new toys.


Addie and I making her fairy garden.  I spot Charlie in the background playing:)

 And that's a wrap!