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Friday, August 19, 2016

Lunch with my Girl

I work right down the hall from Addie and Charlie. She asked me to eat lunch with her. I told her I would IF she was good when I had to go back to work. She promised me....don't trust a 4 year old!  I wish I could eat lunch with her was good while it lasted. Silly girl!



Saturday, July 23, 2016

Annual Summer Auburn Trip

Our annual trip to see the Corbitt's gets more and more crazy!  I think we are done having kids and the older they get the more independent they are so they can just GO! 

The Corbitt boys have every dress up items (boys) that you could think of, so naturally they all dress's their thing.  We don't really do that at our house but they seem to enjoy it since there are so many options!  I mean it's crazy!

Addie made up her own outfit.  Pretty cute!  Ready!!

Elyse is going to have us do manual labor whenever we visit...I remember like it was yesterday, raking pinestraw up for her...this year...picking blueberries for the entire family in the heat of summer.  You're welcome!  She did let us go swimming afterwards...which was nice.

I joke about the labor, the kids really enjoyed it!

Pool time at 'da club'

Sleepy time at 'da club'  It didn't last long.

She fits right in at 'da club'


 I brought suckers to the house because I knew Elyse didn't have any candy!  Hahah  Best Aunt ever.
Kids are pooped!


I forgot to mention KK was with us!  On to more swimming!

I couldn't imagine having so many kids, everytime we ate...I had to count and recount plates and cups.  It was a job!

Let's not forget about these two.  Graham wasn't so sure about this new person his size in the house.

Saturday night we went out on the town and it got CRAZY! 

This selfie was really hard to do btw.

Cute kids!  There was crying after these "smiles" so many of them got smooshed!

Heading back to the house after a Sunday swim.

We had fun!  Now for a little electronics:)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Visit from Becca

We got a special visit from Becca!  The kids love her so much!  Colt had something ?? so he didn't get to go with us, but we tackled going to Rodeo with these four kids!  Addie is in baby heaven!


These two danced around in the parking lot acting CRAZY before we got in the car.  Let's hope they are always silly together.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Girls Gettaway at The Grand

Girls trip!  This year we went to The Grand in Fairhope, AL.  Very nice seemed like there were a lot of families with kids there but thankfully there was a "no kids allowed" pool for us girls trying to get away.  This weekend was much needed and went by WAY too fast.  My kids were everywhere...Colt was at "Camp KK/Papa John" with Troy (later post), Addie stayed the weekend with Josh's parents and Josh had Charlie allllll weekend.  I got updates from him, but he was a trooper and didn't complain much....until Sunday when he said "this has been the worst weekend ever" HAHAHAHA!  He did great though, they both survived!

This was our beautiful view from our hotel room.  We had two adjacent rooms.  It was Tuan, Deborah, Mandy, Brandy, Traci, Rebecca and Leslie.  We had a "Grand" old time...hehe.  Really we did a bunch of nothing...literally laid around, ordered some cocktails and ate...that's about it...perfection!


Dinner at Master Joe's.  YUM!

I jokingly took several selfies all was rather fun...



The was our departure pic of some of us....although we look happy we were sad to go:(

Until next year....if Josh allows me to go....ha!

Camp KK & Papa John

Mom and John have set aside a weekend to keep Colt and Troy (the two oldest boys) and have some one on one time with them.  With all the grandkids, it's really hard to get to know and spend good quality time with them for an extended period of time.  This actually was Elyse's idea, which was great!  So here we are...I'm about to go on my girls trip for the weekend and Colt is getting sent off to KK's house.  I would not dare tell Addie where Colt was going...outcome would have not been plesent.  Well, Colt and Addie ALWAYS sleep together in the pull-out couch upstairs.  I was worried about her thinking NO way she would stay up there.  Sooooo, Colt had to be the closet we went...and the hide-out and Colt's room and the playroom.  Made this little girl happy happy...and it worked!  She was so excited:)


I took Colt to Troy (Alabama) to meet my mom for the drop off and eat at Half Shell (yum!).  Rebecca and Mary Calla met us there too!  On the way there, Colt said "Mommy, I don't want you to leave me."  My goodness boy, melt my heart.  So, it was hard leaving him knowing that he wanted me to come along.  I knew he would be totally fine though! 

Next day they went to pick up Troy and Camp KK/Papa John was up and running!  First stop, the Tallassee Dam!  So cool and boys loved it!


This sweet boy has such a tender heart...KK said he was very attentive on everything, wanting to know how things worked, helping with the garden and asking a lot of questions.  She said he seemed very mature for his age.  Josh and I think it's mainly because he hangs out with kids a couple of year older (or more) than him all the time. 

Being silly...I'm seeing what Troy is drinking and pretty sure that's NOT a good idea...ahahahaha!

Up and at'em at 6:30 AM!

Papa John took them to breakfast at Shoney's.  Papa loves to teach and entertain!  He's so good with the kids and they mind and listen to him.
Add caption

Papa, KK and Troy came to Dothan to bring Colt home.  We spent some time at Nana and Pops' swimming and hanging out before they made the drive back home.  Colt had such a good time with them but he gave me a big ole hug when he got back.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fun summer of camps!

These boys have been hitting up camp all summer long!  It's been great for them and FUMC has an awesome camp program every summer.  Colt and his buddies enjoyed a week long camp for each of these sports:  Soccer, Football, Whiffleball and Dodgeball!  Definitely kept them busy:)


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer days

Nana and Pops got a pool and we are enjoying every minute of it!  Trying to beat this heat!

Colt is becoming an excellent swimmer and Addie has learned how to swim!!  Charlie also LOVES the water.  I was worried about him not liking it the beginning of the summer, but now he kicks and laughs and wants to go under!  So cute:)