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Sunday, July 23, 2017

KK/Papa John Trip

We finally made it to spend a weekend with KK and Papa John!  We've had a busy busy summer.  Rock painting is an "in" thing right now and KK has plenty or rocks and paint.  She didn't realize how rough Addie is with everything so that was new to her.  Addie wanted to paint everything fast and wasn't concerned with wasting paint.  We had a good time doing it, Charlie even got to paint some rocks and was so serious about it.

 He usually doesn't put anything in his mouth but I guess the black paint looked like food...and the paint brush a spoon.

 Discovering things....

 Always love the piano...or to make loud noises.

 Some of our finished products.

 We went on a walk while Charlie napped.  We found this cool mossy tree.
 Wetumpka was having a festival by the river and of course we went to check it out!

 And Rebecca, Ryder and Mary Calla met us there!

 This is BEFORE KK got sick from the ride...yep, us old folk can't even handle swinging around anymore.


 KK still feeling that ride...
 Charlie bear...almost 2

 Papa John is always so good at reading to the kids
 On Sunday we headed to church way out in the middle of no where..where Rebecca lives.  And afterwards went to Sweet Creek Farmers Market to eat...I LOVE this place!!

 Of course we have to get homemade ice cream which was so so good!
 And they have goats, chickens and rabbits.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lake Eufaula Summer Trip

WE have the best friends!  This was our 2nd annual trip to Lake Eufaula to stay at the Saliba Lake House.  So nice and so fun!  We really had a blast with this trip.  I had ole Charlie bear, which we tried to get Nana to keep him but she had something to do!!!...(insert rolled eyes).  But he's a trooper and slept like a champ.  We just chilled on the doc, taking turns riding the boat, swimming, laughing, truly was a good time with the neighbors.

I've learned from a veteran lake/beach friend that the best thing to do with girls' hair in this kind of weather/wind is double braids and they are terribly cute!  I braided MK's hair to.  Also, not to forget this is some of the neighborhood gang...Maggie Kate, Addie, JT, John Parker, Colt, Charlie and George.
 Boat ridin'
 So exactly how many kids can fit?

 Charlie loved the water.
 Learning how to knee awesome.

 Is this not the life or what...just for a weekend.

 Addie, DeAnna, Erika, Lindsey and Maggie Kate.

 John Parker, Addie, Gabe, Colt, George and JT
 Relaxing while the guys (most of them) are grilling.

 This girl...when will she ever stop with that thumb!

 These were like hot air balloons that the heat/wind of the fire took them up in the cool!

 Night sweet girls!