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Saturday, October 27, 2018

More Northview Football

Daddy's biggest supporters (plus Colt).  Addie and I were thinking big time but sweet Charlie fell so he needed his mommy.  Here are some recaps of our season.  Although Josh is gone a lot there's just something about football games.

 Coach gets thirsty too.

 Look at the size of that team!

 Pre-game meal at Mama Goldbergs

 Colt and Houston Fetsko

 This was the week of Enterprise and Addie participated in the Cougar Cheer Camp, which she absolutely loved.  I think she was born to cheer.

 We always bring things to do!
 BIG win over Enterprise (2 years in a row)
 The boys were pumped.
 Away games call for late traveling...we pack ready!
 KK and Papa got to see a great game in Montgomery against Sidney Lanier...another BIG win!

Northview ended the season 5-5...a huge comeback from their 0-10 season before Josh started.  So proud of him!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Addie is SEVEN!

We woke up to a seven year old that was so extremely excited about her birthday!  Right dab in the middle of football season and her playing soccer.  She got a birthday muffin for breakfast and she was oh so silly.  What would our life be like without this spunky hard-headed caring independent but dependent little girl!  She LOVES to look at herself in the mirror, change clothes, SING, play with her friends (or anyone for that matter), school and most importantly her family and Jesus!  She is so strong willed, I never knew I could get so frustrated at one little person but then turn around and gleam with joy at some of her sayings, actions and sweetness.  Love you Addie-boo!

Was lucky enough to have lunch with her and she chose Sara to eat with.
Nana took the kids to Dairy Queen after school to get their first banana split.
And soccer!
So adorable...

And thanks to Nana for getting her an ice cream pie for after the game.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sundaysssss in the Park

It's a gorgeous day and a day before this girl turns 7!  Enjoying some park time with these sweet kiddos:)

There are some trees that drop these cute acorns!  Drew a little face on them because the top looks just like crazy hair!
 Nothing like a collection of acorns.