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Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Years at the Hunting Cabin

Never a dull moment with the Swanners!  They invited us to spend New Years at their hunting cabin. We cooked, had a bon fire, the kids fished, we took a scary trip in the gator through the woods.  And Colt (crazy) slipped on the dock and took a little swim in the natural spring pond...needless to say, he was pretty cold.  We had so much fun though!

Redneck New Years.
My sweet Charlie...always the little koala bear.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas on the Farm

Here we are visiting Grandma on the farm for Christmas.  Yummy lunch, fun with cousins and visiting the moo cows!

 was a good trip!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


We made it home around 9pm on Christmas Day...whew!  It's been a long day and glad to be home.  Santa did come see us!  The kids raced in to see what he brought.  Nana and Pops also came over and our sweet neighbors.  Addie mostly got teacher stuff with a few other things.  She was on cloud 9.  Colt got some typical boy things, a drone, paint gun, etc.  And Charlie got a riding jeep.  He was not so sure about it.

Charlie liked Addies toys better but Addie loved the jeep!

Already taking notes.

The next day Charlie found out how cool his present was...and was hooked.  He was pretty good at driving it too.
Trying out the paint guns.  These are cool!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Breckenridge, CO

Skiing!  I was a little nervous and so excited about this trip because of how little Charlie is and the fact the Colt and Addie would be able to ski this time around.  I just knew it was going to be a struggle.  I remember our nephew Tyler trying to learn how to ski and it was miserable.  Thankful he wasn't ours and we could leave them behind while he cried and cried.  I foresaw this happening to us too.

So when we woke up the day before we left ole Jolly Jingle gave us a big hint that he was all packed up and coming with us!  Even had his skates.  I would love to see him skate but he doesn't let us see him do anything.  Marshmallow was also geared up to go.

Here we are looking for our plane at the airport.  Charlie's first time.  He said "I ride in airplane"

Look how precious!  He has all the essentials.  Paci, babies, juice.

Of course Addie had all her essentials too.  She's a packer!

We made it to Denver and off we go to Breckenridge.
Look who we found in our suitcase!
The place we were staying in was an awesome 3000 square foot duplex.  The owner left us sweet treats for our stay.  It was NICE!
Getting our boots fitted.

Our view from one of the many porches.
First morning and our kids are up early!
Out in our PJs:). Addie and Colt loved the snow, Charlie...not so much.  I think he went out maybe 3 times.

He looks happy here but it didn't last long.
Anna helping Addie make it down a hill.
The place that we stayed at said "ski in/ski out" which means you walk right out and can start skiing.  Well, the trail that was closest to the house was a hike!  And once we actually got to the was closed!  Skiing through the woods and down a trail that wasn't open with a 6 and 8 year old was no small feat.  There was yelling, crying and everything in between.  It took us about an hour and a half to get to the bottom of the mountain when normally it would take maybe 2/3 minutes.  We FINALLY made it and NEVER went down the route again.  Took the bus every other time.

After the initial training and practicing with these two, they caught on like they grew up skiing.  They were amazing!  They would FLY down the mountain.  We had to tell Addie every time she went down to go back and forth, back and forth, side to side otherwise we would lose her racing down the mountain.  Colt was a champ too!  Yes, he beat me so many times.

It was pretty cold when we were there!  My hands froze!  We would take breaks to warm up at the bottom of the mountain.

This was probably my favorite part...the hot tub.  It felt so good and the scenery was incredible!

We checked out a pizza place in downtown Breck.

Waiting for the bus...

This day was FREEZING!  It was windy and it was raining ice (not snow).  We could only take so much.

One of the nights, the electricity went out.  It was snowing/sleeting pretty bad.  We haven't started a fire yet but thankfully Hunter got it going.  And Tyler made due with some light.

Christmas Eve morning, Jolly Jingle gave his farewells.  And just like last year we could touch him on Christmas Eve!

Finally Nana got out to ski.  She's been a champ and taken care of Charlie every day.  She made it down 2 times and was done.  But this gave me an opportunity to take Charlie downtown and it was such a pretty day!  Just me and him and we had the best time!  We took the bus downtown, had coffee and cookies and he got to pick out something from the store.  We also met everyone else to eat at the bottom of the mountain.  I was so proud of myself because I was by myself and I'm terrible at direction!

The view from the coffee shop downtown Breck.

He's the cutest thing ever!

Met up with the family

Playing with Jolly Jingle.

Board games:)

A tradition...reading The Night Before Christmas before they go to bed.

Christmas morning...we got a note from Santa!!  He filled their stockings and left a note about goodies he left at our home in Dothan!!  The kids are ready to go home!

Boy did we have a WHITE Christmas.  We woke up and it had snowed over 12 inches.  Our first instinct was how in the world would we get out of here.  Josh was driving, we put everyone in another gear because it was going to take a while to get to the airport in this.

The sweet neighbor shaved a path for us to just get out of the driveway.

We are off...VERY slowly.
Thankfully we made it...Josh was the best driver.  They closed the tunnel after we already made it through, thank goodness.

Charlie finally let go and fell asleep on the airplane.  It was a pleasant trip home and the best family trip we have taken!  It was awesome!  We made it to Dothan by about 9pm.  Merry Christmas!