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Monday, June 29, 2009

Maternity Leave

It's my last week of my maternity leave, I don't want to think about going back, but I know I've got to face reality...soon. I've taken off 8 weeks from work, and it's been the best 8 weeks of my life. At this point, I don't want to think about the emotions of leaving him for the first time. Josh said I could stay home with him, but we would have to sell the house and totally change our lifestyle...not ready to do that yet:) Over the past 8 weeks, I've really learned a lot about raising a baby, it's a 24/7 job that's for sure. Everything revolves around him and his feeding schedule. Luckily I've had the best friends to share my maternity leave with, if it weren't for them I think I would have lost my mind!

Moms have always said what a wonderful experience it is to have a baby, but you really don't experience that joy until you have your own. So true! Having Colt was absolutely amazing, words cannot describe the feeling of bringing a small life into this world. It's so easy to forget about all the pain you go through during and after birth. It's been an awesome 8 weeks, I just can't imagine whats to come and I can't wait to experience it again...okay, I can wait a little longer.
Things that we've done during the past 8 weeks:

Feeding: Colt eats every 2 1/2 to 3 hours and boy does he eat. I was very lucky that he had no problem nursing, no problem at all!! He has a very good appetite, and an internal alarm clock too. If he takes a nap right before his next feeding, he's going to wake up at the 3 hour mark. He's a fairly patient eater too. He will cry of course when he's hungry, but I think he knows the routine now. We will change his diaper and then feed him. He doesn't carry on and cry/scream...he just patiently waits (for the most part). We introduced the bottle to him early on. Since I do have to go to work, he's got to be able to take a bottle, and he did! As long as there's food he's sucking!

Sleeping: Well, I suppose he sleeps like a normal baby, but I'm not sure what normal is?? He has days where he will sleep most of the day (not very often) and days where I feel like he hasn't slept at all! He tends to fall right to sleep during the day with no problem, but after 5, it apparently isn't cool to take naps. He really fights taking a nap in the evenings...he will cry/scream, wiggle, kick, grab at things, anything to keep him awake, but the body takes over and he eventually goes to sleep. At first it was very frustrating, but now since we know he's just fighting it, it's kind of funny:) With most babies (I feel) when they are asleep, they are dead to the world. With Colt, we really have to make sure he's out before we carry on with other activities. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE playing with him, but we cross our fingers for a nap when he starts getting fussy/yawning. He's such a noisy baby too...he grunts and carries on a lot, thankfully most of the time he'll fall right back to sleep. Night sleeping has definitely been a challenge! When I mentioned that he has an internal alarm clock, it was effective at night too. Up until 6 weeks, he was waking up every 3 hours to eat...just a hungry baby. Around 6 weeks, he began to fall asleep at the 7:30/8:00 feeding and we couldn't wake him up for another late night feeding when we went to bed. He would sleep until midnight/1:00/1:30, which was a long time, but then he'd wake again at 4:00, so I was getting up twice during the night:( Just lately (for the past couple of days), we've been able to wake him up for a late night feeding (9:30/10:00) and he will sleep until 3:30/4:00 (once a night feeding). Yeah! I think we're getting somewhere, finally! On 7/3/09, we fed him at 10:00 pm and he went straight to bed, he didn't wake up to feed until 5:00 am!! This is considered sleeping through the night!! I don't want to gynx us, but I had to mention it!! So, the sleeping thing is looking very hopeful...

Here's some pics of him sleeping and he can sleep anywhere!

Wake time: Colt has very good mornings. After he wakes up from his nighttime sleeping he's SO happy! Here is a video of him in the morning. He was probably around 3 weeks here:

I think he's going to be a big talker. He coo's, gurgles, squeals and just carries on for a good while. We have done so many things during wake time like sing, talk, play on the floor, swing, swim, play on the changing table,walk/run, have play dates with our friends, play with family, help cook dinner, watch tv :) and I'm sure many other things:

Here are some pics of Colt playing on the floor:

When I said play on the changing table, I meant it. In the first few days of Colt's life, getting a diaper change was no fun! He didn't like it at all, then one day he discovered that getting his diaper changed was awesome! And he LOVES the changing table and to look at the picture above it. Changing a diaper used to last about 1 minute, now, it last for up to 15 minutes (just b/c I get tired of standing there, not b/c he gets tired of it!). Here is a video of Colt on the changing table, this video lasts about 1.5 minutes, but I think we were there for about 15 minutes that day and I started recorded about half way through! (7 1/2 weeks)

Play dates: The day Colt was born he already had 3 friends: Luke Chavers (now 6 months), Canon Moss (now 4 months) and Ava Yates (now 3 months), what a lucky fella. We have tried to get together with all four as much as possible. Of course with babies, anything could come up so there were only a few times when we had all four! We would mostly just hang out at someone's D's we hung out on her porch or went running with the babies, at Mandy's we would an fitness program called Crossfit (it will kick your butt) and the babies would watch and at our house we would go swimming. We have also made many lunch and dinner dates with the babies. To see the looks on peoples' faces when we walk in with four babies is priceless. I can't count how many people have asked us if we planned this, which we didn't. I'm so excited about all of them growing up together! Poor Ava, she is the only girl out of the group right now, but luckily Julia Blank is due to arrive in September (Wiil & Tuan's baby girl)! Here are some pictures of our play dates:
Luke & Colt (left) Colt & Canon (Right)

Colt, Canon & Luke (left) Ava, Colt & Canon (right)

Ava, Colt & Canon (left) Colt & Canon (right)

Here is a video of Ava, Colt and Canon:

Spending time with family:
K-K (left) and Nana (right)

Grandpa (left) and Pops (right)

My Grandma (Great-Grandma)

Swimming: Since we have a pool, Colt got introduced to the swimming pool at a very early age! He was 1 month old when he had his first dip. At first he didn't like it at all, but now he loves going swimming! I think he's going to be a little fish! Here are so me pics of his new adventures in the pool:

Since he likes swimming so much, bath time became a he loves it!!

Oh! And did I mention how much he LOVES his mom and dad??

First time to Church at Covenant UMC.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

First trip and Father's Day

The beginning of Josh's first Father's Day was pretty uneventful...which was my fault. The Saturday before, Colt and I went on our first trip out of town. We were ready to make the move and had a little cabin fever. Josh was playing softball in Montgomery, so we weren't going to sit and be at home by ourselves. We decided to go see my Grandma in Hope Hull and K-K and John at Lake Martin.

Packing was the hard part...I felt like I was taking my entire house just for one night! Colt did very well on the way there, very little crying and slept most of the way. We had a great visit with Grandma. Colt was awake, very alert and so happy. We got some really good pictures. Grandma was so pleased that we came to see her and so was I. She made the best lunch and boy is my appetite back! I was SO hungry!

We headed out to the lake around 3 and arrived around 4. K-k and John were staying in Estee and Rick's lake house (who by the way just had a baby boy - Knox). It's a huge house with everything you need! Our visit was wonderful! It was so nice having help...this baby thing takes a lot of energy. We didn't do too much, just relaxed and had a nice steak dinner...maybe that was the true intention behind my trip...the food!

On Sunday (Father's Day), my plan was to wake up and go ahead and leave since it was Josh's first Father's Day. Well, if anyone knows what it takes to pack and get ready to leave with a breastfed baby, it's easier said than done. We ended up leaving @ noon which was much later than I anticipated! So, we got back in Dothan at 3. Maybe next Father's Day we can have the whole day:(

Josh got his favorite picture of Colt in a picture frame for his desk at school and a card. That night we had dinner with Josh's parents. It was a nice day once we finally got there!Josh with Colt on Father's Day!
Josh and Fatherhood: Josh has been a father for a whopping 6 weeks now. I have to say, I had no idea what to expect, how our lives would change and how we would adjust to having a new baby. It definitely hasn't been the easiest transition, but I have to say our lives have changed for the better and we would never wish anything different than having Colt to share it with. I really didn't know what to expect from Josh or how he would react to the needs and demands of a new baby. We were both set in our ways, being married for 4 1/2 years, we basically did everything we wanted without answering to anybody. Boy, have things changed! Anyway, Josh, I hate to say it, has surprised me, in a very good way! From the very beginning, he has been a HUGE help...changing diapers, asking me what I needed, putting him to bed, babysitting while I go out. and my favorite...bath time. Without even asking, Josh jumps at the opportunity to help me with bath time and he's the one that bathes him while I talk to sweet! Since I'm nursing, he really can't help in that department, but there have been several nights over the past weeks that he has stayed up with Colt and fed him so I could get a nights sleep...wonderful! I couldn't ask for a better Dad! I love watching them together...every time Josh babysits, I don't want to leave, not b/c I'm overprotective, just b/c I want to watch them and see what they do b/c it's so sweet! Thank you Josh for being such a wonderful husband and Father...Happy First Father's Day!!