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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pictures from Northview HS games

I knew going to the Northview games this year was going to be a lot harder than last year with handling Colt. It's been tough, but not as hard as I thought. Here's why:

Without me asking, Colt finds his own babysitters. Here he is with a lovely couple, who might I add that I don't know.... Anyway, Colt is sitting in the man's nice stadium seat, while he took the "not as nice" seat, while he and his wife are feeding him boiled peanuts the entire time. The man, kept up with his sippy cup and would give it to him everytime Colt would reach for it. I definitely have to find these people again!

Here we have Nana and Ed playing with the dog puppet:) Kept him entertained for a little while.

Now there's Claire...she LOVES babies, so she was especially interested in Colt and by the looks of it he didn't mind her either! She's going to be a great babysitter!
He was so comfortable with her, he got really sleepy!
Thought I would get Josh in action too:)

He's such a big boy! This didn't last long though:)
Colt after the game...looking at the wide open field.

Getting into trouble!

Trip to the beach...

We took a short trip to the beach this summer with Josh's family (just one night). We just stayed one night, but wanted to share some pictures. Colt loved the sand and ocean!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Huge Step to Independence...sort of...

Ok, this is going to sound crazy, but I am just blown away. Colt has been in daycare since June 1st this year. Everyday, I leave him with the teacher and everyday he cries like he's never going to see me again. About a month ago, I started giving him some cereal when I brought him to his class, because of the fact that he loves food, this stopped the crying. But for only a few short weeks. After he realized that once I put him at the table with some cereal...I left. So, back to square more mommy:(

Until today...nothing routine change...I let him walk from our car to the front door, then picked him up because he always puts the key fob up to the sensor so I can open the door. Loves it! We walked into his classroom just as his teacher was getting there...she said "Colt you want to come with me?" and there it was....a reach away from me and into his teacher's, Jessie, arms! WHAT??!! I said 'bye' and left. That was it....CRAZY!!

Just wanted to remember this moment...because it may never happen again...well, until he's just too cool for me:)