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Friday, May 25, 2012

Addie 8 Months!

Well here we are again...another month has past.  Addie is 8 months!  OHHHH the milestones...they keep coming and coming!  Crawling, pulling up, pointing, babbling, much going on this month!  Addie weighed 20 lbs 3 oz this month which is what I said she weighed at 7 months, so I'm not sure about my 7 month weighing.  Oh well.  That puts her in the 81st percentile for weight.  She's known for her big ol' thighs.  Got every other kid beat in the class:)  Definitely bottom heavy, because you can't really tell by her face and arms.  But I love every stinkin' inch of her!!  Eat her up!

What she's doing now:

Eating - oh boy!  She started having only 3 bottles a day (6 ounces) with 3 meals.  She will eat 5 jars/containers of baby food a day not including her cereal in the morning.  She does not like veggies so we have to mix fruit in it, but she does like turkey/rice or beef/rice mixtures with no fruit added (although I'm sure she wouldn't mind us adding fruit:)  I also started giving her mum-mum and puffs.  Really likes those and picks that stuff up with ease!  She's been watching mommy:)

Diapers - size 3, but may need to move up soon

Clothes - size 9 month but 12 month fit much nicer around her 24 month size thighs:)

Development - Crawling everywhere...she's so cute doing it:)  Makes it a little harder to do things myself, but she enjoys herself so much I love that she can do it now.  Sitting up from a laying down position.  Pulling up!  This is a new one, but she's got it down!  She's been working on it for a while, it's fun walking in her room in the morning with her peeping over the rail with a big ol smile on her face.  Pointing...she really likes to point with her pointer finger.  It's cute:)  Talking more...mostly Dadadadada and she can talk really loud!  Starting to have separation's hard to me to leave the room without her unless she's really focused on something else.

What she loves - her brother!  Although he's not interested in her...he doesn't want her touching her at's not all the time, but I wish he would realize that she's just a baby and loves him so much.  She loves playing with her toys, going for a walk, but playing with mommy and daddy mostly.

She has continued to be such a good content baby...gosh just LOVE her!!

Here are some pictures of our sweet baby Addie at 8 months.

Elyse made this AU bubble for her.

 And my mom MADE this owl!!

 Oh yeah, gotta take a break for a sec...hold on...

 Working on standing up..she was doing this all the time.
 Beautiful baby girl!!
Eat her up!!

Colt Turns 3!!

Colt turned 3!!  I can't believe it!  His birthday was on Friday, so I decided to take the day off to spend with him...because he said he would rather hang out with me than go to school....mmmm.weird.  After we dropped Addie off we headed to Krispy Kreme for breakfast.  Colt got to pick out his own donut...AND since it was his birthday he got two and they were free:)

He knows how old he is...and he's been talking about his party a lot.

He really like this guy...

We took a trip to Toys R Us after breakfast to pick out a toy from Josh and I and Nana and Pops.  We spend a lot of time there:)  Then on the way home, Daddy came home to see Colt!  Yay!!  Pops also came by to see the birthday boy and Colt had to show Pops Colt's new bike!

Becca also came home and I picked up Addie from daycare...she took a little nap and was also excited about Colt's birthday!

It was either go to Daleville to watch the jamboree or go to the mall, eat and get mother's day presents.  Becca was in either way.  We decided to go to the mall.  Colt LOVES the mall so it all worked out.  We had chinese for dinner.  Yummy!

Becca found a very cute wallet and got it for Colt's birthday.  Right after he got some money in his wallet, all Colt would say is "I want some gum, where those gum kings."  He found them!  I was a proud mama watching this big boy get HIS money out to pay for some gum.  AND he was proud of himself too!  He also used it to pay for a ride on the merry go round.  So cute!  He had a hard time getting it out of his back pocket:)

Worn out from a day with mommy!

On Saturday we had a small birthday party!  He was very excited about it, might have to make it a little bigger next year:)  We invided Colt's closest friends (outside of school) to celebrate.  Not everyone was able to make it but we sure did have fun.

Here is his cake!  So cute!

Best Day Ever!
It rained and was a little chilly so the water fun didn't last long.  They had fun while it lasted but as soon as those little lips started turning purple, we took the party inside.  I can't believe the weather!!

See the little party favors:)

The boys were hilarious - nose diving in the pool and out of the pool.

Becca and Addie.

Present time!!

Every present Colt opened he would put it right next to me to was really sweet:)  He's such a social bug.

Definitely the most favorite present!

More money to put in the wallet!! (from Becca)

Bringing the present over to me:)

Sweet Julia:)

Tera :)

Even though Colt is growing to be a big boy, he still LOVES some lovin!  And I can't complain:)

We are singing here and he is being SO patient.

Sometimes Colt's arms don't work.

KK and Addie.

Mmmmm....not sure about this...but it's HIS birthday:)


Getting some lovin' from Nana.

Love this picture...Julia patiently waiting for EVERYONE to get the grill together.

Cookin' - very cute gift from KK

Playing in the Tent (and cooking) with Alex.

We had such a fun was little but I think we were all worn out after the day was over.  Happy birthday sweet boy!!

I wanted to share some recent pictures of Colt.  Words can't describe how loving, funny, and kind hearted this little guy is.  We couldn't have asked for a better son!

Love you buddy!!