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Monday, June 25, 2012

9 Month Comparison

This is Colt and Addie at 9 months...not really seeing it!  Colt cracks me up and Addie looks like such a little lady:)

Addie is 9 Months!

9 months, 9 months, 9 months!  Whew...what a fun little girl and once again milestones are flying!  This aggressive little girl is well...aggressive and sweeter than ever!  If there's such a thing:)  At her 9 month check up, she was 20 lbs 8 I'm really second guessing my last two months' measurements...maybe it's right, she has stayed at 20 pounds for the past 3 months (7, 8 and 9 months).  Guess it's all the crawling and extra activity?  She is 28.5 inches tall and comes in a little over the 75th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height.  Staying right where Colt was...always the 75th percentile:)

What she's doing now:

Eating -'s so funny to me, but she is READY for big people food.  She has had green beans, mashed potatoes, bread, cereal, hamburger meat (she probably ate 1/2 a patty!), bananas, watermelon, chicken nuggets and loved them all.  I'm going to give her more, just haven't had enough time.  I mean she did JUST turn 9 months!  She still takes a bottle (about 3 a day) and just got her to drink out of her sippy cup, continue to work on this:)

Clothes - trying to get all the wear out of these 9 month clothes, but the 12 month are already pretty snug around those chunky legs!!  See how chunky they are in the picture below...not kidding.

Diapers - size 3...starting to struggle, but no leaking yet:)

Play - LOVES Colt and LOVES Daisy!  Too bad Colt isn't too fond of her and too bad Daisy won't stay still long enough.  For some reason she really likes Daisy's toys....that are obviously very nasty!  She loves riding in the stroller, loves being held, and loves playing with her toys too.

Developmental - Sweet thing is starting to 'free' stand.  I've seen babies that do this and don't realize they are doing it, but Addie will watch you, make sure your watching her, then gradually take her hand that is supporting herself and let go, then she'll smile and laugh about it.  She has stood for several seconds and is getting better and better. 

She also started clapping and is SO proud of herself.  Once again just laughs and laughs when she claps:)

She started saying "mama" sweet, sweet, sweet!  Melted my heart:)  She has blabbed "da-da-da" from about 6 months.  Colt didn't say "mama" until after he was one.  She's making more noises and trying to talk more, I thought she was trying to say "Daisy" and also said "Nana." 

She also started waving hello or bye-bye with her hand.  She will see us do it and she'll gradually copy us. 

Speaking of copying, she likes to do that too.  It's so cute...she will copy you by making "pooting" noises with her lips and clicking with her tongue all the time (not sure what that is actually called:)

She also is starting to have separation anxiety...which I kind of love:).  She wants me mostly, she's fine when I drop her off at daycare, but when someone else holds her and she can see me, she wants me back.  So I usually hide when someone else has her:)  And when I leave a room, she fusses and comes chasing after

Ok, I went a little crazy with the pictures this time...oh wait...I always do, just can't help it:)

Nana smocked this outfit.

See all my teeth!!
Gotta do this while I can:)

I see this A LOT!  How could you NOT pick her up??!!

Beautiful eyelashes!

The life!
Wait a sec....
Hold on....

Who said a big tush wasn't cute?
A little bit more...

Are you done yet??
I'm so jealous of these eyelashes!

Happy 9 months little girl!