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Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Very First First Birthday Party!

Addie girl's FIRST birthday party was SO much fun and SUCH a success!!  We had a pretty big birthday party for Colt, and this little chick wasn't going to be left out either!  Always went back and forth on what we were going to do...theme, who to invite, small, big, time, much to decide, but it all came together nicely.  I copied a friend and only invited my close girl friends and their little girls, no boys allowed except Colt of course and I wasn't strict with the brothers coming because sometimes there may not be anything to do with them...haha.  SO, looks like I went a little overboard with the party decorations but I had a good time doing it and I started about a month ago.  Who knows how much time I actually had in the party but it didn't seem too bad because it was spread out.  LOVE having a girl and all the girly stuff...never thought I would be like this!
Party Theme - OWL
Party Colors - Pink, Purple, PINK, PINK, PINK
Here my TWO little helpers are!  Colt always wanting to help and Rebecca making a much needed owl tree...

BTW - everything was made except the invitations, those were ordered online:)

Gotta have Owl's Nests

cupcakes and toppers

Month by Month collage...loved this!

AND the Owl tree!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE thanks for the help Rebecca!

The Birthday sign!  Lots of fun to make and super girly!

The food table...the decorated hanging balls were also easy!

The SMASH cake!  Also made...don't you just want to smash it!!

Door sign:)

The sweet Birthday Girl!  This may be the only picture you can see her outfit good...made by KK!!  Also reversible...the other side is a super cute pumpkin!

Ummm...don't put me down so soon after nap!

Party time....Ryder (who is a boy but styling with pink is Addie's cousin) and Collins!

Time for the fun!

The girls...(left to right then bottom) Ryder, Rebecca, Me, Addie, Julia, Tuan, Avery, Rebecca, Kimber, Mandy, Leah, Collins, Mandy, Emma Everett, Deborah and Tera. 

Sweet Avery


Emma Everett

Cake Time!!!

Brother helping blow out the candle.

OH...can't believe she's keeping that hat on!

The end result...I don't see any of the actual cake eaten...oh well!

Addie got icing on Colt so Colt started crying, domino effect, Addie starts crying.

Yes, she had an outfit change!  Made the had, the shirt (just an iron-on), made the skirt and sewed on the flower on her bloomers (you will see!).

Chatting with her friends.

Present's weird I forgot about her getting presents, yes it's her birthday but it really didn't cross my mind until someone asked me what she wanted/needed.

"I give up! It's just TOO much!!"

Trampoline time!

Nana and Addie

Aunt Becca and Addie.  She was looking at me btw...haha.  JK she just LOVES Becca!

Her favorite toy of the day!  She loves this things, flies around the house, and is very aggressive!

What do girls like...CLOTHES!  Yay!  Love it all!!  My sister Elyse gave her a couple of appliqued outfits too that aren't here but SOO cute!  We tried a few of these things on today (like the yellow skinny jeans!).  Too fun!
The party was great...yes it got loud every now and then but I loved it all and Addie had a blast (as far as I could tell anyway).  She is such a blessed baby!  It has been an awesome year...I cannot believe it's been a year!

Tomorrow is Addie's true birthday.  Sweet sweet girl...we love every inch of her!!