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Monday, November 26, 2012

Cute Fans

Auburn may have had a rough season, but nothing can beat a cute fan!  KK made this love love it!!




Thanksgiving 2012

We spent Thanksgiving day at Grandma's in Hope Hull, AL.  Always fun playing on the farm with all the cousins:)  As these boys get older they get along better and better.  Grandma and Helen set up a tent for the boys (and one little girl) to play in.  They loved it.

Pretending to sleep...a very unusual task for this high energy kid.

Ryder and Addie...both just love each other!

Ryder calls for "baby Addie" a lot.

Give these two sticks (and one helmet) and they are good to go.  Getting those bad guys...

As my sister Elyse mentioned we usually take the kids around the farm to see the cows and horses, but we couldn't quite make it out of Grandma's drive way thanks to this trailer that Helen and Ken brought.  We'll try to remember this next time:)

JUST noticing the guy with the gun in the background...nice.

The Parrish's...annual phot in front of this beautiful oak.


Oh Troy...I just dare you to try to get that helmet off!

Elyse with sweet baby Blaine.  Brian and Justin stayed home b/c Justin was just getting over a little virus.

Oh yeah...the helmet came off...not.good.  #endoftheworld

Getting a little country...bare feet and horses/cows in the background...just the way I grew up:)

Serious business

Grandma and Helen got the boys and Addie trucks to play with...of course Addie's was pink:)

Now off to KK's...we were worn out after a fun day on the farm.

KK with ALL 6 of her Grandkids.

The Corbitt's

Playing in the leaves.


This is so cute to me...Mere Grace was playing with Addie's feet and she loved it...wanting more.

Getting some lovin' to get it every now and then:)

SOOO sweet! my belly poking out again?!?

My face is terrible but I love Ryder and Addie's.  They were just blabbing away...

Justin's turn!  He's such a little lover:)

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...wait...I think you've got those covered!  Oh my.

Careful when asking Ryder to kiss Addie...more like a make out session.  It was very sweet but easy boy!

Justin again:)
Thanks for your help Ryder!

We had an awesome Thanksgiving at Grandma's and KK's, we have so much to be thankful for...our hearts are so full!  There were a couple of people that were really sad to leave:(:(