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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Like Mom like Son, Like Dad like Daughter...

This was a little difficult finding good pictures of me and Josh as kids with me being #2 and Josh being #3.  I definitely think Colt looks like me and there's not denying Addie looks like Josh.  Too funny!  Colt and I are both around 3 here.

Addie and Josh are both less than 1 here.  Josh's smile is a little contagious.

Sleepy babies!

Just going through pictures, I realize I take a lot of pictures of the kids happiest times...jk:)  They just look so cute!

Ok, well here is Colt sleeping with one eye open...which is a little creepy...they get better:)

 This hardly EVER happens!

LOVE eyelashes..pouty lips!

She LOVES blankets and likes to put them behind her cute:)
 Hilarious!  Sorry buddy:)


Wait a sec!  How did this one get in here??
 This is also a rarity
 How can this possibly be comfortable??
 I just HAD to!

Pretty sure she's not sleeping like this...but this girl lays her head on just about anything if she has a blanket and her thumb...which is all the time:)
 ***eyelashes/pouty lips***

Ahhh...sure wish I could sleep like these two!