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Sunday, April 28, 2013

First Trip to the Beach 2013

And the water was FREEZING!  The boys didn't care...Addie and Tera did!  We took a last minute trip to Blue Mountain Beach with Josh's parents and the Moss's.  It was actually fun with 4 kids!  The kids loved the beach!  And we got to hang out with the Chavers for a little bit too:)

This is how you keep a toddler contained at the's very safe.
The little pink you see is her hiney:)  Hahah
There she is!!

Colt and Canon have NO fear!  Water was freezing and they both aren't 100% swimmers. 

Tired and cold, but well worth it!
Addie dumping sand on Tera...nice.
Sweet girls playing:)  They were holding hand and giggling.

Then we headed off to Seaside to walk around and get some ice cream while the girls slept.  Boys loved it there:) And so did we!

 Just like the girls...we catch these two holding hands a lot!
No nap...plan a success!  It wasn't even 7:00:)  We got to go to dinner with the Chavers...sooo nice!
They are just too cute like this!!  They fell asleep watching a movie on the iPad like this...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

End of a great soccer season!

Well another soccer season in the books...much better than the first!  Love this kid!

Colt's team

#1 Fan