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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Addie Turns TWO!

Addie, Addie Boo, Ad, Adalynn, Ad Bad...whatever you want to call her, this little sas just turned TWO!  She's amazing to me, just the perfect little age to get into everything and melt your heart all at the same time.

What she likes to do:

Talk - She is talking up a storm!  She know so many words and can put full sentences together.  Examples that I can think of right now is "open the door, mommy," "I want some juice, mommy," "I want some more, mommy," "I want to color, mommy," "Help me down, mommy."  Notice how she says "mommy" after everything...Colt still does that...I'm like you have another parent...mmmm.  She picks up and remembers things so easy.  For instance, one time I pointed out an ambulance, so now every time she hears sirens, she says "amblance."  It's not that clear but you can understand what she's saying.  Same with an airplane/school bus/motorcycle/etc.

Coloring - wow, Colt never was like this...straight to the coloring books...or wall, or reading books, or babies...gotta watch her a little but she will color for a significant amount of time...and she's kinda hooked on the color black.  I tried to give her a pink crayon, then purple, she started having a little fit...until I finally found the black...she carries it around a lot too (hence the reason you've gotta watch her!)

 Babies - it's so funny to me the difference between boys and girls.  Although I never gave Colt a baby, but Addie has quite a few and she LOVES them!  Just the way she looks at her babies is so sweet. And tries to feed them.

Colt - she loves Colt so much, but Colt doesn't really reciprocate:(  He just doesn't want to play with her.  He gets so mad at her and sometimes yells at her and she thinks it's so funny, so she laughs in his face (which makes him more mad).  Poor thing:(

Mama's Girl - Addie is definitely a Mama's girl right now.  For about 3 days she did want Josh, but something happened and she was back with me.  She's not as affectionate as Colt but still loves to be held (and she's heavy!!!) and doesn't want to be alone.  She has this thing now instead of holding my hand to walk with me, she grabs my shirt and pulls me (actually refuses my hand).  I guess this way, I can't let go.

Potty Training - not happening!  And never has yet.  With her little personality there's no way I can push this!  She does talk about tee-tee'ing in the potty and several times I've put her on it just for her to get right back up.  She likes toilet paper and will "wipe" herself (and then look at it).  She likes to put it in the potty and flush.  Baby steps.

Swinging - Loves to swing...we can't go to the park without swinging in the baby swing.  It's not really fun for me because I get stuck standing there the whole time, but she just giggles away:)

Night time/sleeping - I've started reading to Addie every night.  My fault for not starting earlier.  Now Addie asks for a book every night "read book" she says.  Right now her favorite book is two Pookie books and Brown Bear Brown Bear (What's wrong with Pookie and Happy Birthday Pookie)  Then we sing usually Addie will ask for certain songs.  She says "twinkle twinkle"  as soon as I start singing she says "Rock a bye baby" over and over until I start singing that.  Then as soon as I start singing that she says "spider" (for itsy bitsy spider)...girl can't make up her mind!  And I give in,,,,she's very persistent!  And recently (I have just figured out) she wants me to sing the Dora song???  She really likes the "aww man" part.  Addie is the best in the morning..she's definitely going to like "Addie time" when she gets older.  She will hang out in her crib without saying a peep.  I'll check on her in the monitor and she will be twirling that hair and sucking her thumb.  Who knows what's going on in that head of hers but she's good.  Sometimes I'll go in to get her and she tells me 'no.'  I love that girl!!!

She's still a thumb sucking hair twirling girl...cracks me up how she can be playing/talking and the thumb and hand go up simultaneously to her mouth and hair out of no a string is attached to both hands.  Now she started twirling her hair up and sticking it in her ear.  She loves it so much she tries to get me and Josh to do it too.  SOOO good mommy and daddy!!

I took off work for Addie's birthday, I wanted a whole day just for her since I usually have to share attention with Colt.  We had an awesome day!!

I'm TWO today!!!

Wait a sec before you get me mom...
We had breakfast at chick-fil-a!!
Um...surely I didn't let her have this tator tot...and no she doesn't have shoes on:)  It IS her day
Then we headed to Miracle Park.  I need to work on my pigtail abilities.
Most favorite thing to do!

That may or may not be diet coke??
My friend Lindsay met us with her baby a pic of me and Addie boo:)
This slide IS really fun!
No fear...she climbed this all by herself

She sat with these little girls that we didn't know and she obviously was paying attention.  One of their names was Mary Beth and I heard Addie say her name.  Haha, they turned around and were like "who are you?"
Happy baby!! (yes, she's still a baby!)  Singing "If you're happy and you know it, say AMEN!"

After nap we played with Tera, Canon and Colt:)
This is what we do at our park down the street!  Loves it!!
Her best buddy Tera

We had an awesome day!!  Happy Birthday sweet Addie!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Addie's Birthday Party

We had a very small get together for Addie's was actually perfect!  We invited Josh's parents and our closest friends (The Moss's).  Addie and Tera get along SO well!

Here is Addie getting ready for her party.  She LOVES shoes!!

 Sweet and pretty girl:)
 Birthday cake!!

 I didn't know she knew how to blow a candle out but she did!

 Present time!  She's into Minnie Mouse, that's really the only character she knows right she got a lot of Minnie.

 Minnie is thirsty
 And has tangles.
 Yes, that's a Minnie shopping cart.
 Pack n play for her babies...or for Addie herself.
 Fun party!! stress, no planning, nice nice nice!