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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! Christmas Morning

What a fun year for Colt!  He was SO excited about Santa coming he couldn't stand it.  Colt slept with us the night before so he wouldn't wake up and see his gifts before we were up.  It's really the best way to go!  Luckily the kiddos still sleep pretty late, I think we got up around 7:30.  Colt didn't ask Santa for much at all...only a remote control car, a remote control helicopter and a chia pet (he saw a commercial on Christmas eve of the chia pet so that's where that came from).  When he saw his pile from Santa he was so pumped!  He said he got everything he asked for!  He was confused when he saw a little extra like his night time glasses and mini matchbox cars.  He said "I didn't ask Santa for these, but I like them."  Sweet boy!  Oh and because Addie likes to have her alone time in the morning, I didn't bother to get her up until I knew she was about ready.  So we enjoyed one on one time with each:)

I videoed most of the initial Santa time, but got some pics too:)

Opening his stocking

Now Addie's turn!  By this time Nana and Pops were there.  They have been coming over for the past couple of years to watch the kids and cooking breakfast...yum!
Dora!!  Addie is in the "my" phase.  Everything she got out of her stocking was "my ...."
Eating breakfast...she's so silly!

And so is this guy!

Our friends Barry and D were in town for Christmas for the first time EVER!  We spent a little time with them...makes it so much fun to share Christmas with friends.
And this is what the men did....JK, it was only for a moment but I thought it was funny because Josh's dad was on his iPhone too.
The boys playing
The girls playing:)

So Sweet!
We didn't go anywhere for Christmas Day which is was very nice!  We just hung out for the rest of the day:)  Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve With The Parrish's

So, we woke up Christmas Eve and Colt immediately started complaining about his throat hurting.  NEVER does he ever say he feels bad, and with Christmas being tomorrow, we didn't want to take our chances.  As soon as I mentioned going to the doctor, he changed his tone a little about how he was feeling but it was too late.  Thankfully we got an appointment early....and the verdict was strep.  Wow, really?  He was in VERY good spirits though.  Bouncing off the walls, talking a lot...crazy how kids don't act like they're sick when they really are.  So, we started him on antibiotics right away.  

That night we went to Josh's parents, a tradition for Christmas Eve.  Nana always cooks up an awesome dinner and we open presents with them.  Nana is very generous in her giving, but it's fun for the kids:):)  Addie was being super shy for the first hour we were there.  It was SO sweet how she was clinging to pops!  While I was taking Colt to the doctor earlier in the day, Pops took Addie to run errands with him.  This makes me laugh, because I don't think Josh has taken Addie out and about by himself.  But Pops knows how to handle the little ones and Addie adores him.  Anywho, I guess since Addie and Pops had some bonding time, she held on to him forever it seemed like!

Then it was Daddy's turn.  Josh was loving it!
Tyler...nice hair.
The siblings!  Haven't gotten a pic of them in a long time!

Addie enjoying licking her applesauce with a fork...none of this makes sense.
Time to open presents!  Addie was ALL about sitting with Pops.  I was really sweet.  He helped her open all her presents:)

lip gloss!!!

And our attempt to take a Christmas pic of the two of them...
"Addie...put your hands down!"..."Colt!!"  Yes, just like that...thanks.


That went well:)
Ready for Santa!!