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Saturday, January 18, 2014

CFE Throwndown

I guess one day I would like to look back at myself and see how great of shape I once here is one of the many CrossFit competitions I did with a group of fun girls...Nancy Arnold, Katie Pilcher and Tori Strickland.  Boy was this one tough!  Embrace put on a competition at their box and we decided we needed to do it.  One of the WOD's consisted of 12 rope climbs between two team members, which was a little ridiculous for a scaled team, but we managed it.  I actually knocked out 11 of our 12...what what:)  Like I said...something I want to remember when I'm old and feeble:)  There were LOTS of laughs and funnies during the me accidentally slapping Katie across the face during situps and Nancy yelling "righty tighty lefty loosy" at the top of her lungs to those of us making sure the bar clamps were on tight.  Never a dull moment with Nancy!  Anywho, we ended up placing 3rd in scaled but we were up against some tough competition.  All in all it was a fun day!  Josh competed too but it's hard to watch anyone else when all you do during these is go into survival mode between wods.  Why do we do it???  No clue:)

Oh and by the way, my hair is grease slick because there was a monsoone that hit before awards were called out and I sacraficed myself to try to save everyone else's stuff (along with some other brave souls).  It was horrible but refreshing all at once!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

AU National Championship Game

Addie had to sport her Auburn cheerleading uniform for the National Championship game.  We may not have won, but gosh, what a cute little fan!  She loves wearing this too:)

Weagle! Weagle!