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Friday, May 30, 2014

K4 Graduation

For preschool, they do it all up...cap and gowns, little graduation was too cute seeing Colt and all his friends "graduate" from K4.  It was a little short, but cute.  The director started talking about watching them grow from babies into little boys and girls and was sad to see them off...I had to think about something else because I was getting a little choked up!  My Mom, John, Nana, Rebecca and Ryder came to see the graduation.

 Can you blame him for sitting when there is NO flag?!? :)

 His teacher Mrs. Aimee


 His row left to right:  Mrs. Aimee, Dalton, Eli, Josh, Braxton, Wagner, Colt, Preston.  Bottom: Gracie, Julia Blank, Ella, McKenzie, Savannah, Alyssa, Mia. (missing Sam)
 With Ms. Taylor (ki-ki) his afternoon teacher

 Ms. Kayla (the other ki-ki)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

First Night in the BIG Girl Bed

Little stinker slept all night without a peep!  And by the looks of her hair...pretty sure she slept good:)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Our Little Angel

I just love this picture!

 Now...silly faces...

FIVE Years Old!!

What can I say about this little guy....our first born, he has such a big heart, so curious to how things work, a little serious at times, but all boy and definitely still a mama's boy.  Loves to snuggle at night, still loves a sippy cup (I know!), asks a lot of questions, loves to fight with Daddy (not Mommy because girls are wimps:), he still gets up every night in the middle of the night to come sleep with us...oops.  Here are some questions I asked him:

Favorite Color - Blue
Favorite Book - Audrey Bunny (very sweet book!)
Favorite Movie - Elf on a Shelf
Favorite Show - Ostronauts
Wants to be a coach when he grows up (what his Daddy is)
Best Friends - Canon and Preston
Girlfriend - None!
Favorite sister - Addie
Favorite thing to do - Play on the jeep

For his 5th Birthday, we celebrated by having a few friends over for a cookout.  We had a couple of tents out for the kids to play in but it rained all day so they spent most of the night inside.  Had fun no matter what.  Here is our big boy with his birthday cupcake...he's still so precious to me!

This was the most exciting part!  Colt's first spend the night company!  He was so excited.  Before we left them, Colt said "Canon, I still can't believe you are spending the night!"  They were pumped...I think they ended up going to bed after midnight, but it was worth them being so excited about it:)

The next day was Colt's actual birthday (and Mother's Day too)  Josh got him some NICE things for his 5th.  He got a pretty nice telescope and and HUGE race car track...I mean HUGE! 

Ladies man:)
Addie was a little surprised how old Colt is now!
Happy birthday big boy!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Trip to the Zoo

We love going to the zoo!  Train Ride!

 Feeding the birds
 Cotton Candy!