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Sunday, June 29, 2014


Girl loves her some corn!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Colt's First Trip to the Emergency Room

 Well this was unexpected, and not for the weak stomach.  Wednesday night is the only night Josh and I can go to the gym together, so this Wednesday we took the kids so we could work out together.  During the WOD, one of the little boys rushed out saying Colt was bleeding pretty bad.  Embarrassingly, my first thought was "let me finish this wod, I'm sure he's fine."  Which I only had one ring dip left, so it only took a sec.  When I saw Colt, the sitter was holding him, as he was crying, still thinking it can't be that bad.  Then BAM, off went the paper towel pressed to his head the cut on the left temple exposed, I was like "game changer...let's go to the ER."  I may have been frantic, I'm not really sure.  I was going to leave Josh there and take Colt myself...not sure what I was thinking.  Graciously, the twins who keep Colt and Addie all the time offered to take Addie to our house so we BOTH take Colt to the ER.  Good idea:)  Josh doesn't like me saying this, but I wanted him to GO...he sort of kind of took his time getting to the car and heading probably wasn't a long time but Colt was upset and I was just ready to get things fixed!  He was scared to death...oh it made me want to cry:(  At one point he said that it didn't hurt anymore and we could just go home.  So sad...on the way to the ER we turned a movie on and he was focused in on that thank goodness.  Josh kept checking to make sure he was alert because you never know with a head injury.  While I'm on that, all he did was hit his head on the corner of the wall....crazy!!

When we get to the ER, Justin, a friend that works in admin at Flowers, was there to greet us...things moved VERY fast after that.  The nurse got Colt's stats, the Dr tried to ask Colt questions but he didn't want to answer (this is not unusual).  Poor thing was shaking so bad:(  All his stats were fine except he did have a little fever.  They got him to a bed in no time and gave him a local and the nurse tending to him was SUPER sweet:)  I think we ended up watching Family Guy on TV, it was a funny topic, but we couldn't find any other cartoons...hahah...luckily Colt doesn't know what most of what they were talking about meant:)

The worst part was the shots to numb his skin around the cut...I almost cried...poor was awful.  After that Colt was a champ!  He was SO still, the nurse said several times what a good patient he was and that adults aren't as still as he was being.  Sometimes you wonder how much truth is in their comments:)

Here is a pic of the fresh cut....Eeeeewww!


 Colt chilling...watching Family Guy...hahahah!

 Frankenstein!  Man!  That was a good one!  After the Doc was finished Colt jumped up and said "ok, let's go."  Ha!  He loves looking at this picture now and showing it off to his friends:)
 A few days later.
Now, he has a pretty cool scar to show off...I've been trying to put vitamin E on it.  I'm usually not good at keeping up with stuff like that but hopefully I will this time!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Painting Fingernails

So, I let Addie paint my fingernails for the first time...she did an awful job:)  But loved every minute of it!

Look at that beautiful hair!

Safety First

Monday, June 2, 2014

Bath Time...

Love them playing together!  Look at all the bubbles!!