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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Beach Brawl

With my girls!  It raining...the.entire.time!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Addie's 3rd Birthday Party

Always say I'm not doing much for the birthday, but girls are so much fun!  And Addie makes it pretty easy to decide what to do since she's so obsessed with the color purple and Elsa from Frozen.  So we went with a Purple Elsa Party:)  Addie loved all the purple!  I threw some Frozen color blue in there too.  Later Addie told me her favorite colors are purple and blue, so all's good:)  I had the most fun getting ready for this party.  I love being crafty when I have time, so on this one I started early.  But the food was the easiest part!  And I ordered the cupcakes, thanks to Publix, they will do just about anything!  They too are familiar with Frozen colors:) 

Here's Addie "3" sign.  I just love it!

Party favors, cups, tiaras and stickers, very inexpensive.   I had to order the cups and stickers...all the stores are sold out of Elsa's crazy!

 This guy's pretty pumped...waiting patiently.

 They already have Halloween candy out, so I found these purple kisses...WHAT!  I made this little signs, easy peasy.

 As you can see, all my food came straight from a box or bag.  I didn't have to make anything.   Oh!  And the table cloth came from the present KK gave Addie the weekend before.  She wrapped her present in a table cloth....worked out perfectly!
 Here's our princess!  Mom and I came up with her shirt.  KK made that and the shorts.  LOVE!

 Our princess guests are arriving...Avery.
 Addie wasn't so sure about the party at first:(  She hid under the table.
 The Ki-Ki's came!!! 
 Becca and Ryder.  Colt came up with the idea to make Olaf out of the marshmallows, pretzels and carrots!

 These two are always up to something when they are together!

 Opening presents!  This made me sweat!  Addie busted into everything SO fast...I couldn't keep up.  So much for making her thank everyone for what they gave her!

 Usually don't have to open anything for Addie.  She can handle it.  Colt is the exact opposite.

 My neighbor brought over her karaoke set and the kids loved it!
 John Carter and Natalie
 Look who showed up!!  Elsa!  So sweet!

 This was just awesome!  All the kids LOVED her! 



 Happiest Girl EVER!

 She LOVES her real Elsa dress that Nana got her!
 Elsa and Olaf taking a nap:)