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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last Regular Season Daleville Game

Got a pic of this beauty!  Thankful I really do love Football and support Josh 100%...proud of him and these boys!

Addie's Halloween Party at School

Of course, she's ELSA! Prettiest one I've seen:)

Every year the CDC kids come through the office and we hand out we dressed up.

Addie's party

 I braided her hair just like Elsa.  People are very complimentary of her hair but she sits perfectly still so it's pretty easy to do!
 The queen gets hungry too...
 The Queen and her creation...Olaf!

Go Kickball!

Crazy me signed up for kickball again DURING football season...what was I thinking?  But I really do enjoy it!:)  We had a fun team this year teaming up with First Baptist Church.  We got into the second round leading to the championship game. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

FBC's Fall Festival

First Baptist's Fall Festival was so much fun.   These two had a blast!  Only problem was that it was really hot!  Alabama weather!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Colt caught a lizard!

He's so proud of himself...and his Daddy and I were kinda excited too...just didn't want to touch it.  He caught a friend for him a couple of days later.  We saved him for a while...then we convinced him he needed to go back to his mommy and daddy.  That always works:)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Night Football

BIG win against Pike Co...what what!!  This was the most exciting game of the season!  So fun!

 #famous :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Olaf and Sven

I made these cute little hats for Halloween!  Was fun and I can't wait to where them!

Annual Family Beach Trip w/ the Kids

Boy oh boy, what a hand full of kids!  Yes, we had 6 kids 5 and under to take care of on our annual beach trip.  My sisters and my mom try to go every year in October to my in-laws place at Blue Mountain Beach in FL.  Seems like each year we add a kid and basically now, it's just survival mode.  Why do we do it?!?'s fun...when they're all asleep:) AND we do it for the kids, they have a blast and crazy enough, it seems to get easier especially with the older boys.  There's not much fighting over what's mine and what's his...but of course we always have to explain sharing...there's no getting around that...but it IS getting easier.

Through all the craziness, we did have a great time.  Papa John actually came down on Saturday and baby sat ALL 6 kids while me, Elyse, Rebecca and Mom went to Stinky's!  If you haven't been to Stinky's in Blue Mountain, you're missing out!  It's definitely my favorite next to The Red Bar.  Yummy-ohly!  We had a great time there relaxing and enjoying laughing at each other:)  We can always bring the giggle back when we're together:)  It's like we are all sisters now!  I love having all these girls in my family:)

Anywho, here are some pics from the weekend...beautiful weather...sunny, warm and calm water.  Excuse me while I go overboard...

My mom made these cute little masks...Troy LOVES (understatment) to dress up.

I'll brag on KK (again)...she made this little two piece for Addie...I've gotten the MOST compliments on it...PRESH!  She also made ALL the boys' swimsuits...that's 5 suits!

Sooooooo...the face makes it PRESH too:)

Crazy how popular you are when you have food...

Bath + lunch = work...

While the little kids took a nap, Elyse and I went to the outlet malls with the older boys to shop.  Our excuse was to get them some underwear...we will use any excuse in the book...

They started acting a little teensy itsy bity wild toward the end...

Becca and I totally built this...


How cute is this???

even cuter...oh...and I slept with them too...needless to say I didn't get the best sleep heaven

Sunday at the beach was A.mazing!

Me and my sweet baby:)

LOVE these two!

KK w/ Addie...the water is gorgeous!

After the Corbitt's left, we went to the pool because Colt was DYING to go.  KK nor I luckily had to get in.  Addie floated here and Colt swam.  The water was freezing!

Can't wait until next year!