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Thursday, April 30, 2015

23 Weeks

Finally got another profile picture, I've been bad about it and not a big fan of selfies, so I've got to get someone to take my picture.  I told Addie that Nana was going to take my picture by myself first, then she could get in, but the camera just loves her...she really can't help it:)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nerf Wars

This is the thing to do these days in the 'hood.'  Nerf wars is it, who has the best gun, the most bullets, whos on whos team.  These boys are too cute...some carry backpacks around packed with extra guns and bullets.  I just love that they play so well together and want to be outside ALL the time!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Highlands FIeld Day!

Colt's first field day.  Highlands was very organized each grade and class was divided into stations of fun play and competitions that lasted day.  Minute to win it, relay races, tug of war, dancing, free play and a final obstacle course.  Colt said "this is the best day ever" especially since I was there:)  Daddy came for a few minutes too:)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Honeysuckle and Dewberries

Right in our back yard, exactly what I got to enjoy growing up...tasting the sweet drop of a honeysuckle and eating dewberries straight from the vine!

My Little Helper

Literally attached to me, I can't get too much done in the kitchen or anywhere else without this one right by my side.  But I love every second of it.  Anytime I try to cook, I attempt to do it without her, but in seconds here she comes stool in hand, banging and running into anything in her way:)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Breakfast in the Park

Came up on this on a nice Saturday morning.  Couple of kids brought a few bowls, cereal and milk to enjoy some breakfast in the park:)  And one of the boys says..."Let's do this every Saturday."

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

20 Week Update

I had my 20 week anatomy scan and our precious little boy is healthy, active and a little shy!  The tech made all the necessary measurements and when it was time to look at the little guy to get a good profile was a no go.  The best one we got was an upside down shot, which is fine:)  I love seeing this little guy moving, kicking, his little hands, in love:)  I can't beleive we are having another one!  We will have our hands full!

All Things Reptile

The boys LOVE to catch lizards!  Those poor lizards have NO chance and I actually feel a little sorry for them.  One morning I brought home a baby turtle from the gym and it was a neighborhood hit.  Unfortunately it didn't last long and the turtle 'ran' away but it was fun to have for a day.  Addie even got into the turtle and lizard fun.

Addie's hair right after she woke up...

This is our "messy" part of our backyard.  It's in the corner right outside our bedroom.  We just let the kids play day we will fix it day...

A cute box turtle Colt found in the ditch behind our house. 

The kids made a little home for him. 

The child gets excited when the lizard bites his finger and holds on for dear life.  No ma'am!

Sunday, April 5, 2015


He IS risen!  Many things to be thankful for this Easter.  Our perfect little family with a precious little boy on the way...we couldn't be happier:)

KK made this CUTE little bag/basket for Addie...I LOVE IT!

KK also made these little bunny rabbit bags and filled them with candy.  SO cute:)  I took pictures of the kids opening them (of course).

Easter morning the Easter bunny came and was very sweet this year.  He brought new swimsuits...yay!

And he also raided our fridge and got all the dyed Easter eggs and hid them:)  When I figured out they were missing out of the fridge, it took Colt a minute to figure out that the Easter bunny hid them. They immediately grabbed their baskets to head outside to hunt.

Silly Easter Bunny!

Then off to get ready for church.  Easter mornings are usually hectic trying to fit in baskets, hunting eggs and getting everyone ready, but we did it!  Even made it to the 9:30 am service.  AND got a few pictures of our pretty kids before we left:)

After church, we had Josh's parents over for lunch...way too much food for just us but it was yummy!!  And Nana brought baskets for Colt and Addie!

After Nana and Pops left, the neighborhood kids and parents were out enjoying the day.  We talked about having a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt, so here we go again!  The adults hid the eggs and the kids hunted.  Why not have another one:)

Let's see...(left to right) Addie, Maggie Kate, John Parker, Colt, George, John Carter, JT and Natalie!

AND another Easter Egg Hunt!

The rest of the day, the kids played and the girls hung was an awesome day:)