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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Charlie is Nine Months!

I orginally put "Charlie is Eight Months!" so clearly I can not believe he's actually 9 months old!  What a joy this baby has brought to our house.  The kids are crazy about him, fight over who gets to hold him.  He's probably my easiest baby so far....I just said "so far."  Let's say my easiest baby...there is no "so far" to this post!  He IS our caboose.  Charlie has had a big month with 2 more teeth coming in, pulling up and crawling everywhere!  We brought in 9 months at the beach, but I shot some photos before we left.  He goes for his 9 month check up when we get back. 

Weight and height stats to come....
Clothes - squeezing in 6-9 months
Diapers - size 3 but really need to move up to size 4 at night....that poop!
Eating - 6-7 oz bottles every 3-4 hours...I KNOW I need to cut one or two bottles out...not looking forward to that because he LOVES his bottles.  Starting to introduce more solids and snacks

What he's doing now:
I think his favorite thing to do right now is play fetch with himself.  He will get a toy or cup/top (anything he can throw), throw it away from himself and go get it, throw it again and repeat.  It's great entertainment.  He loves dogs, although we don't have one, our neighbor does and he just lights up when he sees him.  He's sleeping a little better.  He goes to bed around 7:15 or 7:30 (if we are home) likes to wake up around 4 a.m., take a bottle and then he will go back to sleep and wake up around 6:30 or 7.  He loves to explore, I'm pretty sure Colt and Addie liked to be held more than he does, but after he eats or if his happy, he wants down and ready to see what he can find.  He's still not big on putting things in his mouth.  He usually does it only when I tell someone he never puts anything in his that's that.

Here is our sweet Charlie at 9 months.



Monday, May 23, 2016

Goodbye Tball!

That's a wrap!  Colt ended the season with a HOME RUN and a triple!  Bam!

Addie and Colt enjoying some cheese fries!  Next year this girl will be playing.


So cute:)

His Daddy works so hard with him.

The AllSouth TBall Team
Addie and Lizzy playing with Charlie...he just wanted to be left alone!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Addie's End of Year Party K3

What a big day! Colt's graduation and Addie's end of the year party.  Luckily we got to do both.  KK, Colt and I headed to B&B Inflatables as soon as graduation was over to hang out with Addie boo.  So thankful that her teacher loves to take pictures of the kids.  Here is Ms. Donna and Addie in the bus on the way to B&B.  She's so silly!

As soon as we got there we were told that Addie asked a thousand times when we were going to get to her party.  She was about done once we arrived and called "hangry".  Wish we got to see her in a little better mood, but KK knows how to cheer her up and started acting silly with her.  This is Addie and Aria...she's so cute!
See what I mean...she was done!  I mean is she seriously sucking her thumb up there?


How funny is this!  Addie didn't think twice about it and KK didn't mind people seeing her suck her thumb too.

Colt had a pretty good time too.  He was the first to ride on this twister-ma-bob and after that ALL the kids wanted to try it out.  He loved it! 

After Addie's fieldtrip we met up with Nana again to go eat at their favorite place, Red Elephant.  It was such a fun day and I LOVE seeing KK and Nana together.  The kids love them both equally:)

I took a snap shot of Addie's class.  The first one is the whole K3 class and the second one is Ms. Donna's K3 class.
Julianna, Avery Anderson, Aria, Addie, ....mmmmm, Massey, Taylor, Eva, Brooks, Xavier, Kensy (sp), Landon, Brannon and Owen....I think I'm doing pretty good! Ha

 Aria, Addie, ...oops (she didn't stay long), Massey, Landon, Brannon and Owen.

Colt's Kindergarten Graduation

Take TWO!  Finally moving forward to First Grade.  Yay!  What a difference a year makes, Colt's teacher Mrs. Kinney was so proud of him and his progress and confidence this year.  She said over and over how much she's going to miss him and that he was such a big help this year.  She even asked Colt to introduce the pledge of allegiance and he said yes.  Oh my!  We were SO proud of him!!  Josh and I both said we would never be that brave to stand in front of hundreds of people.  He took the microphone and said "Audience please stand for the pledge of allegiance."  Then he paused, for a while...actually so long that I thought he forgot what to say next.  Then he said "attention, solute, pledge..."  Then when done he said "audience please be seated."  Proud parents!!  We asked him later why he paused so long and he said, he was waiting for everyone to stand up.  He did awesome!  The program was very cute, they sang several old disney songs like "Bear Necessities." 

We got one on one time with Colt because Addie had her end of year fieldtrip, so we ended up taking Charlie to daycare.

Jerico, one of Colt's favortie classmates.

Wells, another favorite.

Colt and Ms. Kinney:)

This boy sure is loved!

 KK and Colt


Nana and Pops



Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Colt is 7!

How did SEVEN come so fast!  He's such a sweet, affectionate, nerf loving, mommy/daddy loving, hard playing, Pokemon fanatic, loves his brother, "likes" his sister, loves snuggles and hugs and is so mild mannered and easy going!  His favorite color is green, his favorite video game is Mind Craft (ugh), he's getting great at reading....we just could eat him up!  Happy Birthday sweet Colt!!



Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Things I Find

Yep, that's a real salad!  But girls gotta eat I guess?

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Colt and George's Birthday Party

George (9) and Colt (7) ready to celebrate!  We decided to do a joint party so we could rent this HUGE water slide for everyone to enjoy right outside our houses. 


We had a little hick-up with the slide (hole) and while it was getting fixed, the kids played a game of dodgeball in the neighbors yard.

Lizzy, Addie and Maggie Kate

Colt and George blowing out their candles.

 All these boys!



Back in line to slide!

KK and Papa came!  And Charlie decided to wake up:)

 Birthday boys

Love this neighborhood...we can always find friends to hang out with.



Colt was FREEZING but he didn't care!

Thankful for all our friends who wished our 7 year old Happy Birthday!

Charlie trying a sucker...guess what...he liked it:)

 Happy Birthday sweet Colt!