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Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

And we are off to another year of our awesome neighborhood and trick or treating.  GP does it up right!  House decorating, lots of fellowshiping, dressing up and TONS of people!  We are ready, one of the biggest reasons we love GP!  There is nothing like it and I always tell my friends they need to come experience it just one year.

Here is my attempt to get a good picture of our 3.  Usually doesn't work because Charlie doesn't understand sit and smile...he just knows he wants to be held by me.

I think he was a little on the sickly side too or really really tired.

Finally Daddy came  home from practice.  Soon after Addie busted it on the sidewalk.  I have to say it was a pretty nasty fall.  She had to get a little TLC and a few bandaides.  She finally got over it, but it took a good 20 minutes.  Meanwhile Colt is trick or treating with friends ahead of us.

Our cute little monster.  Once upon a time, I made their outfits....not no moe.

Colt and his neighbors...all football players.
Colt, JP, JT and George


Our fam...It was a fun night.  After it got dark, we headed back home to eat taco soup and hand out candy.  Our neighbor (the Cole's) were scaring people out of their skin so it was entertaining to watch.  Addie loved handing out candy.  Don't even think about double dipping with her, she will call you out!

FBC Costume Parade

My sweet Elsa is growing!  Yes, this might be the 3rd year being Elsa.  Maybe next year we can move on to something else.  But we've got this one down pat!

The CDC always has a costume party where all the kids come through the offices to trick or treat.  So fun seeing my kids:)  Charlie even got to come down!

The gang...Doug (in the middle) is so funny but don't over look the dog!  Hilarious and a little creepy.


I missed the party this year because Halloween fell on a Monday and I had to count money:(

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

FBC Corndodgers Fieldtrip

My sweet little girl...her last fieldtrip to Corndodgers before Kindergarten!  We had such a good time.  Love that she wants me to go, this won't last forever!


All the kids loved the rabbits and pigs!





Sliding down the HUGE tunnel slide.

The corn canon.

Me and the girls...Rebecca and Aleigha:)
The air bubble little girl said "are you ready to get off now?" And I said "well not yet, do you want me to get off?"  Her response...yes!  Ha!!!

The sweet K4 Class!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Family Girls Beach Trip

Here we the BEACH!  With my family (all girls) and 9 kids...ok, not 9, Elyse left Grammy at home, but it's going to feel like 100 kids. 

Sweet little helpers.
We went straight to the beach when we got there JUST in time for a selfie!  While the little boys were taking our things down...hope their ok, but THIS is important!

Next day we headed to seaside to hang out because it was a little chilly, but as soon as we got there (let's face it, it takes a WHILE to get moving), it was HOT.  So we didn't stay long, packed up to head to the beach again.

Enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather!  October is by far the best time to go to the beach!  Sweet Charlie still can't walk.



Love this!


This is a Jellyfish!!  It was HUGE!  There were several in the water and easy to dodge but they are deadly.  They are nicknames "pink meanie."  I can see why.  yikes!
 Most of the crew...Justin, Ryder, Colt, Troy, Addie, Charlie and Graham
Working hard!

This didn't last long.


Sunday, Elyse and I were left to enjoy our day.  I still think we are pretty brave taking them ALL out to the ocean.