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Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving at KK's and Papa's

Well my usual post would be all hunky dory, we had so much getting together with my family and sisters and ALL the kids...well, not this year.  I literally ruined Thanksgiving! :(  We spent the day at Grandma's and everything was fine.  That night we went to Wetumpka to spend the night for the festivities on Friday.  Then it hit me...around dinner time...mmmm, I'm not feeling so hot.  But I was blaming it on just eating a lot.  8:30/9 rolls around and I'm sweatin''s coming.  I knew if I just made know...hack...I would feel much better.  Finally, I did.  Relief at first, but it continued all night:(  So I was obligated to let everyone know the next moring.  All the food/games/hunt/prizes and just being together...down the drain.  I mean everyone was coming...not to mention the family picture...the Christmas card picture.  Totally understood when no one wanted to come just in case it was viral...too many babies in the family.  So it was just me, Rebecca, KK and Papa John with our kids.  What a low key Thanksgiving.  I know my mom was pretty bummed.  Other than the fact that I was completely exhausted (and still having to tend to Charlie) we actually had a pretty good day.  It wasn't chaotic AT ALL!  Although everyone was missed, it was a very chill day.  I didn't get to enjoy the yummy food, didn't really even want to look at it, or talk about it:)  The kids still enjoyed the time together.  And maybe these kids needed this time together.



The BIG rock hunt!  Colt loves this hunt because he has found the rock the past two years.  And since he is the oldest, he got to read the clues!

Papa is SO good to them...there were also prizes at the end.  AND since there were only 3 kiddos compared to a lot that were supposed to be there, they got A ton of prizes! 
We still made a Christmas card picture, all the grands will just have to all be in separate pictures.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving at Grandma's

2017 Thanksgiving at Grandmas!  Glad all my sisters were there!

















Sunday, November 20, 2016

Finally Walking

15 months and finally walking!  And sissy is SO happy and excited for him!  It's been fun...last BIG milestone.



Friendsgiving!  With our favorite neighbor friends!  Everyone brought a dish and it was YUMMO!  We are here enjoying our time with each other while the kids apparently had a food fight outside.

The girls...Erika, Lindsay, Emily Anne, DeAnna, and Cathy:)

Afterwards we roasted marshmallows!!  The kiddos!  Minus Addie and the babies!  John Parker, Maggie Kate, Colt, Big Addie, JT, John Carter, George, Gabe and Natalie.

 The guys...Chris F, Eric, Ashley,  Chris B and Josh...oh there's Addie!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

One Year Pictures

These pictures were taken when Charlie was close to 15 months.  We had a rough time but got through them.  The farm was gorgeous!
Addie at 5 years old
 Colt at 7 years old