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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some 8 month photos

Is this kid cute or am I just biased???...maybe a little bit of both?

Cool outfit...
AND designer jeans:)

Bath-time fun.

Too cute not to share...

I just love watching Colt feed seems so difficult but he's gotten so much better. He gave up on the first piece of cheese and decided to throw it on the floor, but the second piece was a success!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Finally figured out the walker...

I know I think this is the funniest thing because he's my child but this just cracks me up and Colt is LOVIN' it!

Sometimes I put Colt in the walker in the mornings just b/c I know he can't get into much while I'm getting ready. He has always just scooted backwards. Well, not any longer! He figured out how to go forward and it is too funny!


We are officially crawling. I thought this one deserved a post of it's own. Colt has been working on this for several weeks and one day it finally happened!

And since he can craw now, he's going to do a lot more of this:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

8 months

Colt just turned 8 months! This has definitely been an exciting month with lots of changes and new milestones. I weighed Colt and he was 23 lbs 3 oz and I also measured him, but I'm never close to what the nurse measures, 28 to 29 inches?? Not sure about that one b/c he was 27.5 at 6 months. I looked up the percentile for his weight and he is in the 90th percentile. Here is what's going on these days:

Clothes: can still wear some 9 month clothes and fits very nicely in 12 month clothes

Eating: seems like all the time, so I can't really say what he eats and how much...I think he could eat all day:) We are trying to push the level 3 nipple, but he still prefers the level 2 (which is for a 2 + month old).

Appearance: He's got two new teeth!! He's chunky as can be and his hair is really coming in now and very fine and straight as a board.

Development: He is officiall crawling, though he wants to go faster than his little body will let him. He really has a lot of weight to carry:) He's been trying for several weeks, but finally figured how to get everything working together. He can go from a crawling position to a sitting position and is pulling up to a standing position. He's hasn't perfected any of these, but he's definitely on his way. He also has learned how to go forward in his walker and can feed himself snacks.

Play: Still loves his jumperoo, loves to play with anybody and will go to anybody, loves to play in his new riding toy (Handy Manny), loves to watch Pinky Dinky Do on NickJr. and loves his bath.

He also started sticking his tongue out a lot (I think it's the new teeth)

Things that we love about him is he is such a great hugger/snuggler. He really hugs and will hold us around our neck as hard as he can, so sweet. He also has started "talking" to us by saying "ah", "uh" or "eh." It is too funny!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Breckenridge, CO

Our annual ski trip took us to Breckenridge, CO this year. We usually go to Snowshoe, WV but we wanted to see and experience some real snow and skiing. This trip included a plane ride from Montgomery, AL to Dallas, TX then Dallas, TX to Denver, CO, then a 2 hour car trip from Denver, CO to Breckenridge, CO.

We were off to a great start the morning of the 26th, we got to the airport in Montgomery about 1 hour prior to take-off. THEN, I just happen to look in one of our bags and WHERE is the personal hygiene bag?? Not there…left it in Wetumpka and we are in Hope Hull (30 minutes away)! Josh is off to the races and I stayed behind. I'm so glad I wasn't with him b/c I probably would have had a heart attack. Luckily Brian met him somewhat half way, but Josh reported that he was going over 100 mph to get it! Josh got back with about 10 minutes to spare and when this little hygiene bag went through security they only had to discard my hairspray and lotion. I had several other containers that were holding more than 3 oz…uh oh!!

I had been very nervous about Colt flying b/c of the air pressure and in the past couple of days his cold has gotten worse. He was an angel though. He stayed awake just a little bit then fell right to sleep in Josh's arms…it was really weird…no fuss, nothing just peaceful sleep. Whew! First flight down! Second flight from Dallas to Denver…great! Slept almost the entire time. Whew #2!

We get to Denver to find out that the only thing available for Colt to ride in was a booster seat in the shuttle bus…very illegal very scary! Because of poor communication (on our part), the rental car that had the carseat was with everyone else at the hotel in Denver about 40 minutes away. Luckily we made it to the hotel safe and sound. Once we got to the hotel where everyone was, Colt rode in the carseat we rented in the rental car. Let me just say that Enterprise really needs to upgrade their carseats b/c this one was a piece! No base and it was very unsturdy, we ended up tightening it as much as we could by using the front passenger seat to wedge the carseat with the backseat.

Skiing was awesome and the scenery was more beautiful than I have ever seen! Here are some pictures of the slopes and mountains, but pictures don't do it justice.

The view from our condo.

We had a great time, Colt didn't seem to take too well with the change in altitude and weather AND on top of that he was cutting teeth. Yuck! The few times we did get him out he seemed to really like the snow and just being out (since he stayed cooped up on the condo for most of the time). Our condo was awesome, facing the slopes, so all we had to do was put on our skis and go. I think I busted it only once a day, so not too bad. Skiing was a lot different than Snowshoe b/c this was REAL snow. At Snowshoe they usually have to blow snow and we hit a lot of ice. It was quite refreshing and it wasn't really that cold. The first two days we had sunny skies, 3rd day was partly cloudy and the 4th it snowed all day (I didn't ski at all the 4th day).

The city of Breckenridge is just too cute for words...all the buildings were antique and so cozy. Although we did have a good time, we were definitely ready to come home! Mainly b/c Colt was having such a hard time, fussy, not sleeping at night well.

Nils and Ayla

Hanging out in the leg is knee deep in snow!

Walking to the gondola
In the gondola
Hanging out in the condo:
Colt and Ayla

Fisher, Ayla and Colt.

On the ski lift...this was held 6 people!

Our ride home was just like coming, he did great. Slept the entire 2 hours from Denver to Memphis and was happy as can be from Memphis to Montgomery.
Waiting to get called to fly to Memphis.
Looking out the window in the plane.
So sleepy. Look at that belly!
Once we got to Montgomery, we hopped in our car around 4:30 pm and got home at 6:30. One hour later we were at Barry and Deborah's to bring in the new year with our friends…I know…crazy!
Happy New Year!

Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful and eventful Christmas this year! Much different from the past having a new little life to share it with. We started it off Christmas Eve by attending the Candlelight service at Covenant. We attended the traditional service (we usually go to the Contemporary) and I have to say it was very refreshing seeing all the little things that I saw growing up like the Choir (wow), robes, lighting of the candles, the bible displayed, saying the Lord's Prayer…it was amazing all the little things that you don't see or do in the Contemporary service. I wish we let Colt sit with us during the service, since I noticed that most other families had all their kids with them. It was probably a good thing for me, b/c I wouldn't have paid attention otherwise. It was a wonderful sermon (as usual with Hays) which was wrapped up in singing Silent Night and everyone in the sanctuary lighting their candles handed out before the service. I can't explain why this kind of thing gets to me (emotionally) but it does:) I usually hide it pretty good!

After the service, we went over to Josh's parents to eat and exchange gifts. Mrs. Sharon fixed an awesome dinner…pork and rice, salmon croquettes (the kids love these…weird), little white peas, butter beans, fried okra, rolls, and pecan pie. I feel like there was more, but that's all I can think of. We exchanged presents and Colt missed everything because it was past his bedtime. He got a riding toy (Handy Manny), clothes and a couple of toys from his Nana and Pops and clothes from his Jennifer and Hunter and Jenni and Nils.

Christmas Day…I considered calling this post "4 Christmases" b/c 1) we just watched the movie and 2) that's how many Christmases we did in one day!

Christmas #1 - 7 am - we (of course ) waited for Colt to wake up…he's usually the first up anyway. I know he doesn't understand what's going on, but we have to start practicing! So as soon as he woke up I told him that Santa had come to see him. He so happy to hear about his visit!

He opened his presents from Santa and got some diapers (what? He asked for them!), football, basketball, clothes, a ball toy (not sure what it's called), some fruit and puffs. After he opened presents Josh and I opened our stockings from each other, we always fill each other's stockings. We didn't give each other anything else, except the ski trip to Breckenridge!

Gizzy and Daisy got a little surprise too:)

After we opened presents we were off to getting ready and packing the car! I'm very grateful that we could spend our first Christmas at home and tend to do so from here on out, but boy was it a rush!

Christmas #2 - 8:30 a.m. - we went over to Jennifer and Hunter's house to see what their boys got for Christmas….I don't even know what to say…too much! We can't compete and probably won't. They always fix breakfast over at their house, so we stayed long enough to visit a bit and eat some waffles (homemade) and other fixings. It was delicious! Then we headed out the door for a 2 hour trip to Hope Hull.

Christmas #3 - 11:00 a.m. - arrived at my Grandma's house. We visited, opened presents and ate a great lunch! Grandma always gives Elyse and me homemade jellies, pepper vinegar, and other fixings. Yum! This year we got a little tote bag (extra) and some money to spend. Josh and Brian always get a subscription to National Geographic…whose home it right beside our commode:) Colt got a cute little outfit from my Dad and Rebecca and a Santa hat. After stuffing our face and saying our goodbyes, we were off to Wetumpka to see my Mom (KK).

Christmas #4 - 3:30 p.m. - By this time Colt has had maybe 2 hours of sleep, so he's a little worn out especially with all the traveling and excitement. KK gave Colt (and Troy) their very own monogrammed chair from Pottery Barn. It's too cute! She also gave him a couple of other things (toys) and Elyse and Brian gave him a couple of toys and "My very own name" book, which is so cool b/c it's a story about each letter of his name. I wish I could find cool gifts like that! Oh and I mentioned that Colt was worn out…he missed all the presents being opened, he passed out at 5:00! Oh well…a baby can take so much, but somehow Troy made it and he's 4 mo's younger! He did get to play in his new chair.

It sure was an eventful Christmas! Little man was so worn out, he couldn't make it, but he's got many Christmases to come! We spent the night at my mom's house so we could get up early and make our 7:00 a.m. flight to Breckenridge!! This deserves a post on its own! Oh and we had to wake Colt up around 5:15…sleepy!!