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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Playing with Daisy

I finally got this on film. It's so funny! Colt tackles Daisy all the time and play catch with her.

Tax Season is Oh So Taxing!

I have no time to do much day off...and I'm SO ready for April 15th to come it's not even funny:( My day goes like this:

Wake up at 6am, sometimes I get Colt sometimes I don't (mostly just hop in the shower), get ready, see Colt for maybe 30 minutes while I get ready. Throw him in the car at 6:50 and we're off to Nana's. Drop him off say my goodbyes and off to work. Get to work usually around 10 after 7am. Work, work, work. Lunch break with the girls (Melanie, Tuan and Rhonda) and blow off some steam for our required 30 minute break. Breaks, work, work. The clock hits 6:00 on the dot...I'm out the door. Get home at 6:15, feed Colt...he's always sleepy, goes to bed around 7:30 or 8. Then I finally change clothes and sit in the big chair with Josh and watch our recorded shows. Oh...and at some point between the time I get home and the time I go to bed we eat??
I miss my family, miss my friends and miss my SATURDAYS!! Two more Saturdays and we are done!

I did stop to take some pictures of our sweet baby...who is not going to be a baby in 1 1/2 months!
This is the face I get when I have to go...
Just thought this one was funny! Oh, what to wear today??

Sunday, March 14, 2010

10 Months

Colt just turned 10 months old. We just happened to go the the doctor on Wednesday (the day before his 10th) and he weighed 23lbs 4oz. Oh...and at the doctor's he was diagnosed with a double ear infection. He's feeling much better now, but needless to say he was looking and feeling pretty rough.

So what's new...

Colt has been such a joy, well for the most part. Right now all I can think of is he's been waking up every night for it seems like forever because of he's ear infection and to add to that, he's cutting some new teeth. I finally saw some white on his gums...thank goodness!

We finally moved up to size 4 diapers...MUCH better!

At Colt's last appt (9 mo) the doctor said to start giving him more table foods, so we've sort of been working on that. I really have this weekend. Yesterday he only got a bottle in the morning and one at night. I gave him a sippy cup during the day. He did pretty well, until he was ready to go to that point he was NOT messing with that sippy cup. The morning and night bottles are definitely going to be a challenge.

Colt has been moving around very well, pulling up on everything, and walking (holding on) along the furniture. He also loves to climb on anything short enough to get his knees on. And yesterday he stood for about 2 seconds on his on:)

Some things that I want to remember:

Colt is known to stare...not a bad stare, but we say he would win any staring contest b/c he's not much of a blinker...guess he has plenty of moisture in his eyes or the fact that he doesn't want to miss anything.

If Colt were any animal...he would be a monkey:)

He laughs a lot and get tickled easy (as friends would say, just like his mom and dad).

He's learning how to dance...his favorite song to dance to (by either mom or dad singing it) is "Boom Shake Shake Shake the Room." He likes to head bang. I've really been working on this dancing thing:) (not so much head banging)

Believe it or not, Colt isn't the best eater. It's actually a struggle (in the highchair). The only kind of baby food he likes is any kind of fruit. He will not eat any baby food that's veggies, spaghetti, any chicken dishes...nothing. He wants to feed himself, the times he does let us feed him is a miracle.

Lastly, he's the BEST hugger. He will go to about anyone that will hold him and give him a nice big hug. I LOVE it! And if your lucky, you might get a kiss, but he usually only gives his mom kisses and that's only when he's sleepy:)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big Boy...

Sitting in the big boy chair (just got measured for his easter outfit)

Eating big people food:

Drinking from a sippy cup, also sporting morning hair:

More big people food: (ok, sometimes I don't use a bib...terrible)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Everything's Funny:)

So many funny things!