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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Celebrating the First Birthday's of the Class of 2027!

As we have seen in the previous posts, Colt has a lot of friends considering he isn't even a year old yet...they may be forced friends but they have know each other and spent lots of time together since he was born:)

Colt was the 4th baby out of 5 of his bestest friends born in 2009, so he has attended 3 birthdays so far this year. I wanted to make sure we kept memories of all the birthdays, so here goes!

The first of his friends in the class of 2027 is Luke Chavers (Born December 28, 2008), who had his party on December 21, 2009. Mandy (his mom) did a great job with the party and set the standard for all the birthdays to come (oh boy). His theme was '1'...simple, short and sweet. The food was great, decorations great, and company wonderful. Mandy got into this cricut machine (purchased a few days before the party) and did an awesome job on Luke's birthday sign. VERY cute! Here are some pictures to share. Happy Birthday Luke!

This was a great present! A simple bag.

This present was also a hit...we bought one shortly after the party.

The second was Canon Moss, born March 12, 2009. His party was on a Saturday later in the afternoon so everyone would stick around for a cookout later that night. D attempted a party in the park (across the street), the reason why Canon's theme was 'bugs' (very cute), but it was a little too chilly outside, so we moved everything inside about half way through the party. Not that everything wasn't cute inside, I do have to say if it was warm enough the idea was great. She set out little blankets on the ground for the kids with lots of was so cute! She also had an awesome 'worm' sign for Canon that D and Mandy made (with the cricut). The party was definitely a success. Here are some pictures to share. Happy Birthday Canon!

The worm.

I just love this picture.

Canon and Luke hanging out at the party.

Not too interested in his birthday cupcake.

An attempt to get a picture of the class of 2027.

Lastly was Ava Grace Yates, born April 11, 2009. Her party was too cute! The theme was lady bugs, the food was great (I almost said awesome, but I KNOW Mandy or D will notice that) and her cake (lady bug) was the best looking cake ever! I wish I had a picture, it was awesome! The rented a big tent, had a pool of play balls (shown below) and toys outside for the kids to play with. I think Ava had the most kids at her party (but that may be b/c it was the last one we went to:) Here are some pictures to share. Happy Birthday Ava!

Opening presents...

Colt and Luke (they actually stayed like this for a little while)

Once again...attempt at a picture of the class of 2027...Luke, Colt, Ava, Canon & Julia.

Colt, Julia, Jack & Canon

This is a very popular thing to do at parties:)

I do have to say, I see a trend going on....all the babies have gotten wagons from their parents and non of the kids have really smashed their cakes yet, like we all like to see. I'm going to leave the later up to Colt. He IS the 'healthiest' of all the babies. We will see:)
EEK! I need help! Mandy and D, I know I didn't help with yours, but ya'll are SOOOOOOOO sweet, and I love ya'll and your pretty and you both have really great kids and I like your house's and I like everything about you...did I miss anything?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

11 months

Colt is now 11 months. I'm not going to write too much b/c 1 year is SO close. I actually took Colt to the doctor on the 9th to check his ears and he weighed 24 1/2 `lbs and probably around 30 in. tall. I see that he continues to gain weight, someone once told me that they start evening out when they start their telling me he will even out once he starts walking...I'm not holding my breath for that one, not that I mind a nice healthy baby:)

Speaking of walking, he CAN do it, but he's really not that interested in it. Although this morning I've seen him attempt it several times all on his own. Guess he's going to do this walking thing on his own terms. I don't necessarily feel like I'm forcing it, it's just so cute when he does it:)

He has discovered that he can open our front door, which is quite scary b/c it leads to several brick steps going down down down...and he LOVES to go outside and knows how to get there. When he wants to go (which is a lot), he will cry at all the outside doors and reach for the handle to get out. He also loves to go up and down, up and down the steps over and over again.

He is still such a little sweetheart, anyone need a hug? Come to him b/c he will definitely give you one and a good one. I just love it!

One more thing...we are currently weaning him off the bottle and it's going great so far...until he sees one then he starts panting and whining (like a little puppy). It's really sad, but it's best for him. I think the reason I'm so gung-ho (sp) about weaning him off the bottle is b/c I love his pediatrician and I want him to be proud of ME when we go to his 1 year check-up and I tell him he's not on the bottle anymore." Sad, huh?

1 more month and he's the big 1!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

First Steps!

Colt took his first steps today and we were all so excited including Colt. He was pretty proud of himself...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dinner time gets crazy!

The "concrete crawl"

I know it's terrible that we even have him on the concrete, but he's adjusted quite well. Oh, and if I could have cut out the part where he hit his face on the brick, I would have. But he didn't cry AT ALL, so all is good - please just remember that.

Monday, April 5, 2010

On the go...


Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter!!
First the Easter Bunny came!! He hasn't visited in SO long. It looks like Colt got a lot of things, but the Easter Bunny was very tasteful...spoons, forks, bibs and a couple of, he knew what he was doing!

Then, we headed to church, always a great sermon by Hays! We sat in our usual spot with a good portion of our friends (the Moss's, Cox's, Blank's and Yates). Then we headed over to Grove Park to the Moss's for a potluck lunch and good fellowship with our friends and Barry and Deborah's neighbors.

His Easter outfit was made by my mother - she did such a great job! Thank KK!

Taking a break to make a call...

He hung out most of the time with his girlfriend Ava.

Thought this was so cute, both chewing on Colt's Easter bucket.