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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Spectacular

Holiday Spectacular is in the middle of nowhere in Wicksburg, AL. A few of Josh's crossfit friends invited us to go this year. When you drive up it truly looks spectacular, becuase in the middle of nowhere you drive up to 14 million holiday lights...but when you actually get in you can see that there are a lot of light out. It was pretty neat though, Santa and Rudolph were there. They had little fire pits everywhere, a hay ride, a couple of food vendors and other childhood figurines.

As soon as we walked up, Colt had to "wide" on this bull:

This is after we saw Rudolph, he was saying "all gone." Somebody else got a picture of Colt with Rudolph but I also had to talk to Rudolph.

Talking to Santa...found out Josh was scared of Santa too, because he wouldn't put Colt in his lap.

Here he keeps on saying "shoes" to the elves. He's obsessed with shoes...mostly mine:)

A picture of all the crossfit kids. As you see there is not one single girl...I really think it's a crossfit thing to have boys, because it's becoming a trend.

Oh Christmas Tree

I was going to wait until Colt was asleep to decorate, but that just would have been mean:) He was fully awake, but luckily I had my sister's, Rebecca, help me decorate and watch him. I didn't get a lot of pictures because it was just too much to do, but I got a couple. He was so amazed at all the 'balls' on the tree, and the 'shoes' on the little people, and he found a little truck that a squirrel sits on. So what you would here as we decorated for the season (yelling I might add) was "BALL!!", "SHOES", "TRUCK", and of course "NO COLT"! It really was fun believe it or not:)

Thanksgiving 2011

We spent our Thanksgiving in Hope Hull this year on the Farm at Grandma's. Dad, Helen, Ken, Heath, Elizabeth and Mercer were there. We truly has SO much to be thankful for this year. Our little family is healthy, happy and so very blessed:) The weather was wonderful, besides a little wind, we spent a lot of time outside. Here we are in another family photo:

Colt with my Grandmother (his Great-Grandmother) picking flowers.

Hopefully an annual photo of Colt and Dad.

Colt and I hanging out for a short moment on the bench.

Colt riding the horses. He loved them!! He would go up to one all by himself, where you would normally mount a horse, hold up his arms and say "wide." It was fear at all:)

Then we got to ride the tractor...I'm on here for precautionary reasons. We actually grated the dirt road a little. Colt found the throttle lever and put the tractor in full blast mode a few more times than I was comfortable with!! We made it out ok though.

Afterwards for all of Colt's hard work, Dad gave him his first keep...$5! That was easy.

National Peanut Festival

It was a chilly night when we went to the National Peanut Festival, but we couldn't miss out. Nana, Pops, Rebecca, Jessica, Joel, Josh, Colt and I all packed in one, how did we do that, and off we went to see the lights, animals, rides, games and tractors!

First off, we headed to The Corn Dog man, who is VERY famous around here...the line is usually ridiculous...and he just happens to be our neighbor. Everywhere you go, if The Corn Dog man is there, you better be getting a corn dog and your going to wait for's insane. So...we waited and got one and Colt tore it up! These days, Colt's appetite really doesn't exist and when it does we are all so proud he's finally eating a good dinner. Tonight he ate great and loved the corn dog...definitely born in Dothan, AL where it's a requirement:)

Chowing down on the corn dog and very serious about it.

It's soooo good!
Next we were going to pass by all the carney's and just look, but I saw this little game that was meant to be played by little kids, so I payed the $3 (which is very unusual for me) and let Colt play. To win, all you have to do it take the fishing poll and catch one fish. As soon as I picked up the poll, I knew this was an impossible task for Colt because it was kind of heavy. He took the poll like a champ, took one dip in the pool, lifted his poll and there it was...a BIG fish! So, he got a prize...I was so proud:)
The prize...a ball.
Next, the pony ride. Thanks to Pops this was just as much fun for me as it was for Colt.
Then we went through the petting zoo. I really thought Colt would be scared of all the animals, but as you can see he wasn't at all. We bought carrot chips to feed the animals and Colt went through two bags all by himself. It was so much fun to watch him...

This is one of the maybe 3 pictures we have taken as a family. It's kind of funny:)

We didn't stay long, but had a great time. A special thanks to Pops, Colt absolutely loves him. He put him in several tractors (because this is Colt's favorite thing to do) and watched him most of the time:) THANK YOU!!