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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Justin Lee Corbitt

I've waited too long to post about my new nephew...Justin Lee. I've been waiting on making a visit myself to see this little fella and this past weekend I finally did.

Justin was born on February 25th weighing 8 lbs and 21 inches long. Little Justin had a rough start which included being air jetted to UAB due to a condition called Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension, basically he wasn't breathing and still trying to survive through his umbilical cord. Crazy:( But luckily all they need is oxygen, so that's what he got. After one long week (especially for Elyse and Brian), he was headed home to be with his family:)

Here is a precious picture I stole from Elyse's facebook that I just loved!

And one of all three of sweet:)

This was taken this past weekend with Elyse's other boy Troy, who is 18 months old. Troy kept on looking at his mama laughing...couldn't really get him to look at the camera, but it's really sweet!

OMG! Are we sisters or what?

We had a really good visit...Justin is just so precious and GOOD...oh and hungry...he ate a lot during the short time I was there...guess he's trying to catch up with his big brother...who is quite a chunker!
I will also mention that Justin has club feet...I'm not up to speed with everything he has to go through. I know he is on his 3rd set of casts and will have to go through more, physical therapy, braces and such. He's handling and taking it very well and the best part about it, he's just a baby and won't remember this at all when he gets is hard to see a teeny tiny baby with casts up to his little diaper:(

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tired or what?

Colt's teacher Miss. K sent me this picture today...Bahahahahahaha!! Does he look tired or what? I didn't ask why he didn't have any clothes on...I figured they had an art project that they did and took them off so they wouldn't get messed up. This is priceless!

Is anyone else amazed at how these teachers get ALL these toddlers to sleep? Isn't this just the cutest thing...they are all faced the same way, on their tummy's and ALL knocked out...and one (2nd from the left) has a little wedgy...aww:)
I did ask why they are all naked and Miss K said that since these boys are such messy eaters, she takes all their clothes off to eat and the room gets hot during the day, she just lets them sleep naked...makes for a great picture:)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fun Spring Day!

We are definitely taking advantage of this beautiful spring weather. I usually am right in the middle of tax season around this time but thankfully with my new job and can enjoy spending more time outside and having fun with my little sidekick.

Sunday we took an early stroll in the wagon around the neighborhood. There is a beautiful park in our neighborhood with gorgeous landscaping and I've noticed the tulips that I've been wanting to check out.

Here is Colt enjoying the ride...while I'm doing all the work:)

See how pretty they are!

When we got to the park, I noticed the sprinklers were still going first thought was "oh am I going to keep Colt from going over there and getting soaked." Then I thought, why the heck does it matter...AND I happened to put on his rubber rain was that a coincidence or what? So here he is enjoying the sprinkler...I was actually trying to get him to run through them.

After this little outing, we headed back to get ready and go to church with my mom and Ryder (Rebecca had to work). After church, Colt took a LONG 3 1/2 hour nap...WOW...I got a lot done (I think). Then we were off to Westage Park to watch my nephew Fisher practice throwing, hitting and fielding baseballs. I was a little weary about being enclosed in an open field with baseballs flying at various speeds in any direction and a little 2 year old running around in any direction, these don't really mix well in my world. Luckily Pops was out there and the connection between Pops and Colt is unbreakable...Colt headed right to him and sat with him the whole time...I was ok with this.
After Fisher had enough practice I guess Colt noticed the open field and went's a huge soccer field and Colt ran all the way down it and back...he's never run like this before (obviously from the looks of his belly). Our friends Jessica and Joel also came out there with their dog JRoc and Colt wanted to "walk" him a little...take a look:
Then he decided he would just sit on him:)

Since Colt got a little running in, it was time for a little upper body workout. I just caught a little bit of this, but he did about 5 push-ups before I got to them:

Some "older" kids (probably 10 years old) came out to the field and started a game of pick-up football. Fisher joined in the fun, once Colt realized that Fisher was playing, he wasn't going to be left out either! I think it's a little obvious which one is Colt, but I'll just say he's the smallest one out there and he seems to always be the last one of the bunch. This is too funny to me, but it also makes me a little sad because he thinks he's so big...I don't want him to grow up:(

Here's our little man:)

I guess this posts shows that he's a little man's man too...I did just post how he was a little on the feminine I said...very well balanced:)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A little on the "sensitive" side

I didn't want my post to say "a little on the feminine side" but those were my first and actual thoughts about my not-so-'all'-boy...boy, but for some reason, this doesn't seem to bother me...not now anyway. I KNOW my thoughts about this will change as he gets older but since he's still under the age of's definitely accepted...RIGHT?

I've only put his hair in pig-tails once since he's been born because at one point his hair was a little long and I had just found out we were expected another baby, so I was going to see maybe what a little girl would look like (silly). Colt goes to daycare with other little girls that get to put things in their hair all the time...well who would want to be left out of that?? So, according to his teacher, he obsesses a little about bows if he sees a cute one in another little girls hair or if Mrs. Kaylee (his teacher) has a pony tail in her the point of crying and repeating "bow, bow, bow" as he's patting his head over and over again. This teacher (my favorite) loves Colt so much gives in and has been caught several times by me with bows in his hair. I say "caught," it doesn't bother me in the slightest, but it's rather hilarious still when I come to pick him up and instead of finding a rough/tough little boy I see this:

Here he is making sure that his pig tails are still in...and it's not a pretty site when I finally take them out...angry!

This is one of my favorites...and the reason why I knew this one was in MOST of the day is b/c of the following picture....that hair is NOT moving!

Another reason for my post, he is yet again obsessed with shoes...not only shoes, MY shoes, not only MY HIGH HEELS...Maybe this is a normal thing, I don't know. But he could spend forever in my closet going through my shoes and putting them on. These are his favorite pair. The other day, I had all my shoes neatly put away and pretty tight together, and he comes out wearing these shoes. I went back to my closet to check out the other shoe was even touched...these high heels were his choice for the day.

There are other reasons to say he's 'feminine' which I'm sure is normal considering he spends most of the day with me and the other part with his female teachers. To occupy him at the grocery store/Target I'll give him my compactor and blush brush to "put on make up" and that will take care of about 15 minutes. He loves it...

I will end with saying that he is also obsessed with Trucks and Tractors so he's a well balance child in my opinion:)

I think this is my favorite picture of the year...this is SO Colt!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

BIG Shoes to Fill...

The thought of my little sweet baby becoming a big boy makes me a little sad, but the day is soon to arrive...I'm sure sooner than this little boy wants...but through God's grace, our prayers have been answered...

January 11, 2011, was no ordinary day...1/11/ was an awesome day....1) because this day will never come by again, 2) it just sounds neat...1.11.11...and 3) I found out we were having another baby!! This is why I say that Colt has very BIG shoes to fill because he's going to be a BIG Brother! I still can't believe it and tend to forget myself sometimes:)

See how excited he is?

Because no mom really can go to the bathroom by herself, Colt was with me when I took the first test. I had those cheap Internet tests and all I saw was one baby again...but I (of course) didn't quit staring at that little strip (I'm sure we have all done this!). I thought I was seeing things, but finally another very very faint line did appear, so I did have my doubts but I was pretty sure this was the month! I told Colt that I was going to have another baby, as he was pulling one square of toilet paper off after another and putting it in the toilet...he didn't really seem to care and I didn't seem to care that he was being very wasteful:) Since the line was so faint, I kept the little secret to myself and would test in the morning. Of course I couldn't sleep all night, tested in the morning...yep...another very very faint line...that just wasn't enough for I got a digital test on my way to work (and of course a guy was checking me out at the he stares at what I was buying. I tested about mid-morning and there it was "Pregnant." I was ecstatic!

During lunch I ran to Gymboree because I knew they had the "Big Brother" shirts and purchased one (This is how I wanted to tell Josh). When I purchased it, the lady looked at me and said, don't you want to get the "Little Brother" or "Little Sister" shirt to go with this. And since I had no clue who these girls were, I said "well, I'm not sure if it's a little boy or girl" and I told them that I just found out that I was pregnant, and their reaction was priceless! They were "awwing," and gave each other high fives and congratulated was pretty funny and I, of course, was loving it! That night, I put the t-shirt on Colt before Josh came home, he noticed the shirt right away and said to Colt "your not a big brother"...then it clicked, looked at me and his whole face lit up! He was so excited almost as excited as I was/am...almost:)

Josh and I are so thrilled about adding on to the family. We have talked about wanting either a boy or girl and I know it's already decided, but we really can't decide what we would rather either will definitely do! We have talked about names, the nursery, telling people, the whole nine yards. We have also talked to Colt about it..."Colt, do you want Mommy to have a baby"...his response..."uh uh" in other words...NO! I think he will be the best big brother ever and I also think another sibling will be good for him (and for me)!

I'm kind of annoying in this video, but it shows that Colt is NOT interested in what I have to say, so please ignore me and focus on him.

I'm the only one that knows this right now, but we can say that me and my two other sisters were all pregnant at the same time:) How cool is that! Although, it won't be long because by the time I post this, my little sister, Rebecca, will already have Ryder and Elyse may or may not have Justin.

The pregnancy so far is going pretty good, I don't want to complain at all because I know some women have it a lot worse than me and I'm just so thankful to be pregnant again in the first place, but I've felt a lot more queasy (no throwing up) and much much more tired. My energy level definitely hits rock bottom, but I have to push through it. I haven't been sleeping as good and I've noticed I'm growing a lot faster than last time! The week that Josh had his back surgery and Colt was sick was almost the end of me...I could barely get off the floor to pick Colt up...whew!

2/10/11 - I had my first prenatal appointment and ultrasound today! Everything looked really good and the baby (little peanut) was definitely there. I am right at 8 weeks and 2/3 days. The heart was beating beautifully! You never can be certain until you see your precious little baby on that monitor:) When I saw my Doctor, he gave me a big hug and congratulated me and just reminded me of what not to eat but other than that nothing really to discuss:) He's awesome and I hope he's there for this delivery like he was for Colt.

Here is a picture of the ultrasound...sorry is sideways.

This is how we told our parents. We told them right before Valentine's day, so it didn't seem weird that we were giving them a random present:)

I made this with my cricut. This was was Josh's parents'.

I sent this one to my mom through Rebecca. I wasn't able to see her this weekend so I didn't get to see her face first hand, but I think she was rather shocked...she will have 5 grandbabies under the age of 2 1/2 (and 4 so far are all boys!).

3/9/11 - I had my second 12 week appointment and I got to hear the baby's heart priceless! Other than that, the appointment was pretty uneventful, the doc and I just talked about Josh, our friends who just had a preemie, his weight loss plan (his thin anyway, but whatever), my sisters and their babies, and everybody else that's pregnant...nice little catch-up:) I recorded the heartbeat on my iPhone, but I couldn't get it on this blog:(