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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Colt's Art

I got this idea from Pinterest...I sure am hearing a lot about Pinterest...but I haven't had time to look around as much as I have wanted (for obvious reasons).  I have had a large poster size frame that I've been trying to find a cute "boy" poster for Colt's room.  Then I saw something on Pinterest that game me this idea...

And it turned out so stinkin' cute AND personal.  I have kept just about all of colt's projects from school in a shoebox and got my favorite out and put them in this frame.  It also looks so cute in his room.

Adalynn - 1 Month Old

Yep, Addie is one month old and it always surprises me how fast time goes by...always does always has.  Addie has definitely been and little bundle of joy...she's just so darn cute!  I was hoping for an "easy" baby, one that wanted to be put down when she was sleepy and would go to sleep on her own, but we don't always get what we want.  So, looks like it's going to be a process to get her how I want. 

She has been a great baby though besides the unsettled evenings that she has had.  We keep pretty busy during the errands, gone to work to get some things done several times, walked, visted friends and of course the most time consuming thing - eating!  I am trying to keep her on a 3 hour schedule, but I don't strickly follow it because she's so little and growning so (in my opinion) sometimes she needs more than that. 

Because I'm breastfeeding, I'm not 100% sure how much she eats, but the few bottles I have given her she eats from 2 1/2 oz to 3 oz, which doesn't seem like a lot for her age...but it could be that she isn't sure about the bottle and eats more when she's nursing.

At night she has a hard time going to sleep...she just seems unsettled, overly tired or I just can't figure out what she getting her to go to sleep has been a challenge...which we are working on...I plan on starting her on a schedule instead of her sleeping whenever she wants (like right after eating).  Hopefully this will help.  Once she gets to sleep she does pretty good.  If she goes to sleep around 9:30, she has been waking up at 11:30, I feed her and she goes right back to bed.  Then, she will sleep until around 5:00, and usually goes back to sleep after that also.  I know it's not great, but not bad either.

She has been smiling more and attemping to coo.  I just love watching the changes in her.  She loves to look at faces, especially mine because that's what she mostly sees.  She also loves to be held (uh-oh) just like her brother.  She will play on her playmat for a few minutes, but only a few:)  She loves the changing table...not sure why, but her brother also loved it.

She has had a cold for about half her life and has finally gotten over it.  It was so sad hearing a baby like that have a hard time breathing and coughing like a smoker:(  Luckily we got over it and she's a healthy little baby.

I still think she looks like her brother, but just about everybody has a different opinion.  They say she looks like me, then Josh and sometimes Colt.  Time will soon tell:)

Here are her stats (done at home):

Weight - 10 lbs 13 oz
Height - 22 inches
Diapers - Size 1
Clothes - 0-3 months
Cuteness - overly cute:)

Here are some pics of her at 1 month...I know there are a lot but I just couldn't choose and her facial expressions were so funny!

Here's a good smile:)

This shows how little she is.

See the rolls already...ok she was born with those!

Another sweet BIG smile...



She's so over taking pictures.

We are excited to see what month 2 brings us:)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I LOVE this little girl!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Awesome Pictures

My sister Elyse, came when Addie was a week old (previous post) and she brought her mega camera and captured some REALLY great photos of Addie...she's so good (meaning Elyse at taking pictures).

Monday, October 10, 2011

First Bath

Since Addie's umbillical cord fell off, she got her first real bath and loved it!

Our Little Helper

Colt has been obsessed with "washing" dishes, which is hilarious to me!  He gets his little stool out and pushes it up to the sink any chance he gets.  I don't want to deter him from "helping" out, but he also makes a huge mess with the water on the floor on him...everywhere.  I would LOVE for him to really help me when he gets we are stuck...I let him for a little while them clean up and get him out of there. 

Adalynn's 2 Week Appointment

Addie's two week appointment went great...except for the PKU test..she didn't like that at all.  She almost gained 1 lb since her 2 day.  She weighs 9 lbs 2 oz and actually lost 1/4 of an inch at 21 and 3/4"...haha...that was because she had a nice cone head when she was born that was counted in her height...ha!

On a sad note, Addie has had a terrible cold and cough that started when she was about a week old.  Since she has no fever and the Dr. said her lungs sound great, there's nothing we can do but the usual suction, humidifier, and elevate her while she sleeps.  It's very sad hearing her cough so bad she can hardly catch her breath:(  Hopefully this will be over soon!

To end with a good note...her umbillical cord fell off at her Dr appt!  Yay~!

First Week at Home

Addie is a very sleepy baby, so her first week consisted of sleeping, eating, sleeping, pooping, sleeping, eating...and of course sleeping.  I don't remember Colt being sooo sleepy, I know it's short lived so I'm taking advantage of it.  My mom (KK) stayed with us the first week and it was so nice having her here...especially since it's football season.  She helped out a lot by playing with Colt, cleaning, cooking, and taking care of Addie.  We were pretty lazy though, I had a lot of the house work already done before I had Addie...major nesting!  Colt really loves his KK...that's what he calls her "my KK," so sweet.  He is into pretending and has a great imagination, so they did plenty of pretending...especially pretending like his chair is a car.  Mom thought it was hilarious!  They went everywhere in that car and had to fill up with gas (grass) all the time. 

Colt went to daycare during the day, either Nana or Mom would take him and pick him up.  So, during the day it was just Mom, Addie and me.  We were pretty lazy, for the most part.  I did get a lot of pictures of our precious girl though:)  She's very photogenic...haha...we rarely caught her with her eyes open.

Her first sponge bath at home.

We knew this would happen, Colt LOVES ecessories!  We put a bow on Addie and Colt ran to her room and said "I need one, I go get one too."  Here he is...he would have made a beautiful girl!

KK reading to Colt and Addie.  I think this is so sweet!

Playing on the paymat.

Oh the concentration!

Love these photos I took!

Justin and Elyse came to visit on Saturday.

I love these two!

I can't believe this big baby was in there!

KK in Colt's bed...she loves this!

Sweet baby.

This is one of my favorite nighties that Colt had...she looks so much like him to me!

Colt loves "his" baby Addie:)

It's been a great first week!  Thank you KK!  Daddy has been gone a lot because of football season, so there's not many pictures of him...we will catch up on that later.