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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sitting Up!

Finally sitting up at 6 months 1 week.  She's so precious!!

Even with her thumb in her mouth - that's talent!

Addie gets Baptized

Our sweet Addie got Baptized on March 18, 2012 at Covenant UMC in Dothan.  The service was so sweet and we had our wonderful family and friends there to share this special occasion with.

Elyse was gracious enough to let us borrow the Christening gown her and mom made for her kids.  Mom made one for Colt but apparently it wasn't girly enough:)  But this one is beautiful!  I'm so glad she did!

Waiting for the service to begin.

I love Hayes and his expressions especially with babies.

So sweet and innocent.

Child of God!

Give me back to Mommy!

"Glad that's over" Ha.

Our family:

We also had some very special friends that witnessed Addie get Baptized - The Moss's, Chaver's, Blank's, Cox's and Arkles.  I couldn't have asked for better friends!

"Yay, I feel saved!"

This was the first time I EVER have used our china and silver.  It felt so good - 7 years!


I also made the tulle bows on the mason jars - pinterest:)

These two were hilarious and so good with each other.  We had a fun afternoon with the family, very relaxing!  We fixed an easy lunch - lasagna, salad, bread and had cupcakes for dessert.  Simple.

Addie got some nice things for her Baptism - a pearl bracelet from Nana and Pops, a pearl bracelet/necklace and bible for girls from KK and Papa, a ceramic cross and frame from the Corbitt's, a bunny, ceramic plate, and prayer book from Becca, and a couple of books from us.  It was truly a special day for all of us:)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Half a year!

If the first 6 months went by this fast, I'm sure the next will too:(  We love watching Addie grow and every new thing she does, I think to myself, "she's not old enough to do that!" But I guess she is.  The biggest (and saddest) thing that I've noticed Addie doing lately is when I hold her, she no longer wants to lay her little body and head on my shoulder (unless she's super tired), she's on my hip, like a big girl, taking in the world, not wanting to miss anything.  Oh well...she's still oh so sweet!

We went to the doctor for her 6 month check up and...

Weight - 17 lbs 9 oz (73rd %)
Height - 26.5 in (67th %)
Head - 43.5 cm (43rd %)

Addie started running a fever Monday night, so no immunization shots at her check-up.  The doctor was a little puzzled by her high fever (102.7) with no other symptoms, so the diagnosis was the default - virus.  Who knows.

What's she's doing now:

Eating 6 oz every 3 or so hours (5 bottles a day)
Slowly (very slowly) added solids in her day (maybe once a day) - doctor said to do 3 times a day (I'm on it!)
Sleeping like a champ - 11 to 12 hours at night with two good naps during the day
Size 3 diapers
Still fits in 6 month clothes, but 9 month is a little more comfy
Basically sitting up...she will fall over but for the most part, doing pretty good
Loves her brother and gets a good giggle from the smallest things he does
No teeth yet, but checking every day!
Oh and the ear hair is finally falling off:)

Here are some pictures of her at 6 months.  I got a little picasa happy with the editing:)