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Monday, August 27, 2012

First Trip To the Beach

I'm trying to catch up on some posts I normally would post right away.  Like Addie's first trip to the beach.  This was actually her 2nd trip to Florida, but the first trip the weather wasn't cooperating so we never took her to the water.  So, this is her frist trip to the beach:)  We went down (last minute as always) to see Josh's sister and family...Jenni, Nils, Ayla and all their crew.  We only stayed for the a short weekend so the trip is somewhat of a blur now:)  haha.  But I do remember that Addie LOVED the water and the sand.  The water was PERFECT!  It was shallow for days and very calm.  The weather was nice too, overcast so I wasn't too worried about the kids burning.  This little chick was SO happy!   

I have a lot of "all time favorite pictures" and this is definitely one of them...I say favorite, but it's actually pretty gross.  I took a million pictures of Addie this weekend and when I was going back through them this one caught my eye.  At first glance, I did she grab her "oh so tight" swimsuit and put it in her mouth?  Then I looked closer....nope that's NOT her swimsuit, it's spit up (lunch)...yep her lunch was that color.  How awesome is it that her spit up is the same color as her suit!?  Nice.  Not too mention how happy she is:)

Colt and Josh playing in the water.
This little guy loves the beach too!  He was covering his own
He does NOT like for me to take his picture, so this was I snapped right after I called his name...caught him off guard.  Then he got mad I took it:)
Loved the sand.

Loved to eat the sand:)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Addie 11 Months more month until the big 1 year!  I can't believe it.  Addie has been such a little easy, such a cute personality, and oh so cute! 

What's she's doing now:

Weight - 22 lbs 12 oz
Clothes - 12 month but tight on the big thighs:)
She gets two bottles a day and is doing pretty good with table foods.
She's not too fond of the sippy cup:(
Talking more and more.  She can say bye bye, dada, mama, du (duck) and uh oh.  I think that's all.  It sounds like she's saying Daisy, but not sure about that one.
She has taken several steps!  She's not 100% confident but took her first steps at 10 1/2 months. 
She has a lovie - the duck...see picture below.  This duck will get her so excited and she has a death grip on it most of the time.  She crawls with it, sleeps with it and will hold it while I hold her, she drinks her bottle...anytime I'll let her have it.
She has started putting objects in other objects and taking them in and out.  This will take a lot of her time and she gets pretty mad if things don't go her way.

Here are some pictures of sweet Addie at 11 months:


Happy 11 Months!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Addie 10 Months

Little Addie is 10 months!  She's such a happy little baby and eager to do more and more things.  She's standing for longer periods of time and talking A LOT more! 


Weight - 21 lbs 3 oz
Height - 29ish inches

What's she's doing now:

Eating - 3 bottles a day about 6 oz each time, eating baby food like a champ and learning to eat more and more table's not going to be a problem at all switching over!  Thank goodness for only 2 more months of formula!

Wearing - 12 month clothes

Talking up a storm - who knows what she's saying but we can make out bye-bye, mama, dada, uh-oh...that's about it.  Her favorite thing to do is extend out her arm and say "da"...

Loves her brother!!  SOOO much...thinks he's the funniest thing a live, next to me:)

Still so extremely easy!  Sleeps well, plays well, eats well, everything!  She also goes to others just fine...I think that little thumb helps her extremely...definitely a comfort peice!

She's now has 6 teeth!

Here are some pictures of Addie at 10 months:)  It's getting harder taking these!

Mmmmm...always have some help:)

Happy 10 months little girl!!