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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Trip to the Dentist causes a trip to the Hospital:(

I've been so embarrassed to talk about this but decided it would be something that I want to remember so here goes.  Colt went to the dentist last year (which now wasn't that long ago), he got a cleaning and did AWESOME!  He's been to the dentist several times, but this was his first true cleaning.  He laughed, helped and was so good laying on the table and talking to the hygenist.  Well, when xray time came is when we got the bad news.  In between EACH back molar, there were dark spots...cavities...the Dentist never told me how many, but if you do the math, 8 molars = 8 cavities.  UGH!  Wow, I wanted to grab Colt and run out of there when they told me.  So embarrassed.  Ok, what now?  How in the world are they going to fill all these cavities.  The Dentist told me the options...1) try to fill them in house with a local anesthetic one side at a time (which means two trips) or 2) go the the hospital and put him under and knock all of the out.  Well, with her being the professional I asked her what she would do.  She decided to try it in house first because who wants to put a 3 year old under to do dental work?

So, a few weeks later we were back to get the fillings.  They gave him something to calm his nerves and make him loopy and it was hilarious in a sad way.  He was laughing and being so sweet to me:)  We get back in the patient room to start, they start the laughing gas and local anesthetic shots and start the drill.  As soon as they started the drill Colt wanted to know where I was and started wiggling a little too much.  The Dentist didn't do anything...looked up at me and said "I think we are going to need to do this at the hospital"  Ugh, that was a lot of work for nothing...

I spent the rest of the day with Colt, since they numbed his left side of his mouth, his nose tingled for the next couple of hours, he was so confused and was scratching at his face A LOT.  Now seeing what he did to his face, I'm a little relieved we are going to the hospital....that's very sad:(

The appointment to get this done at the hospital took FOREVER...I would say a couple of months.  We finally got a call from the dentist office saying that there was a cancellation on Friday, January 25th and wanted to know if we wanted to take it.  Better now than later my thoughts!  Colt had to get a physical which we did on Thursday then we were good to go.  We were to be there at 7:30 that morning.  I actually was a little frustrated because Colt couldn't eat or drink after midnight the night before and we were in the his holding room until about 10:00.  He was so anxious and cold.  He kept on asking if he could put his pants on but I kept on thinking that it was going to be any minute...boy was I wrong.  But isn't he the cutest little patient EVER!!  We brought the iPad for a little entertainment...thankful I did!!

The Medical Center provided the crayons and coloring paper...that was nice:)  Except I did most of the coloring!

Finally started the TV...not sure why it took me so long.  Do you think he likes watching TV?? :)
 Such a big boy!

The fillings took forever!  I love the Medical Center process, once Colt went back, I went to the waiting area and every so often I would get paged and a call would go through from the nurse telling me how Colt was doing.  She said that he was a perfect little gentleman (exact words).  Did everything they asked him before he was totally out.  The process took a very long time, but talking with the Dentist he told me he treated Colt like he was his very own.  Wanted to make no mistakes and filled his cavities with a white filling so he wouldn't have a mouth full of silver:)  He was absolutely wonderful!  They wheeled Colt back to the room around 3:00.  He was totally out...I thought about it being naptime too:)  Here's our precious little boy:)

Finally starting to wake up.  He was in pretty good spirits.  Especially since I had the TV on:)
 He's seems a little too comfortable...haha.

This got him going and feeling better.  He sucked it down and asked for another one.

We finally made it home about 4:30...that was a LONG day!  Oh and I didn't eat either...we were both starving!  I made a trip to Walgreens to get Colt 2 surprises and whatever snacks he wanted:)  He was pretty pumped about that!

At home relaxing.

Let's hope we can take really good care of his teeth and this won't happen again!  Oh and he kept his hospital tag on for about 3 days:)  Silly boy!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's a BOW Party

Addie boo has way too many bows...or does she...actually I realized this morning she doesn't have a red one...we need a red one!  One day playing in Addie's room we got the bows out and just started adding and adding.  Both kids wanted more and neither Addie or Colt were taking them off.  I actually had one on too...just one:)

This is how it started...This is a handband bow my mom made, I think it sticks up a little too much...and so does Addie:) HA

Here is Colt trying to locate a good place for another little clip.

There's a good place! (as he chokes her to get it on)

Addie sizing Colt's colection up.

I think she's pretty happy with her new do:)