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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekend Family Trip to Tuscaloosa

We finally planned a weekend and got together with our cousins and their family.  My cousin Evelyn's husband has a huge barn in Tuscaloosa that would fit all of us and spend a weekend together.  This barn was amazing.  I think it had 5 or so bedrooms in the top floor, kitchen, dining room and office.  The bottom floor had a few stalls and and the rest of play toys and lots of room to run around.  When we got there we jumped right in and started playing.  They have this ATV (sp) that we rode around in...

 Addie went a step back and started getting in the baby toys, it was pretty cute and a great babysitter!!
 Yep, that's a popcorn machine...the kids loved it!

 Addie found some really hot chips...but kept on eating them.

 Oh yeah!  This is Colt's actually birthday!!  Here he is sporting his Chuck E Cheese birthday hat!
 Mmmm, I'm thinking Troy is a little big for this.  He would get SO mad because it wasn't going fast. 
 This was also a hit...I mean who has one of these if you don't need it???

 Here's another one!
Picture Time with the cousins!

 Love this picture!...My favorite part might be Mamama in the background giggling!

 Colt in a sweet!
 Party time!  We HAD to celebrate again since this is the actual day!
 Thanks to Becca running to the store...birthday cake!

 Present time!  Everyone wanted to help and Colt was so patient:)

 He loved his backyard explorer dress up clothes from KK

 Sweet Addie, doing what she does best!
 YES!  Buzz Lightyear and the Backyard Explorer get tired too, taking a nap on the floor. 
 Well it IS his birthday!
 Sweet Blaine!  So good all weekend!
 KK after her "lemonade" this ANOTHER cupcake??
 Buzz!  And if you notice...crawfish in the background!  Yummy!!

 Almost forgot this was mother's day too!  Happy mother's day to me, Elyse, Becca and Mama.  Love this picture of my sweet baby girl!
 Addie did NOT like sharing KK!

 Another fun!

 Oh yeah...this happened!
 And this...
 The barn...awesome!

We had such a great time!  Definitely will have to do it again!