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Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend at KK's

We haven't been to KK's in a while so we decided to head on up Memorial Day Weekend.  KK can get pretty cheapo tickets to the Biscuits games from work so we went there Friday night and afterwards enjoyed some really good fireworks.  The kids were pretty good boring basbeball can be!

Saturday we headed to The Montgomery Zoo!  We went in the morning and headed back home around lunch. 

Poor duck

Favorite part!  The train ride.

The baby giraffe was only days old.

Sunday we headed to Marion to see Mamama, the kids were NUTSO!  I was really fed up with them but it was STORMING outside and I really didn't feel like I could bring my whip out in the nursing home in front of everyone.  Geez...but the ride home was peaceful...ugh...

That night Papa John came home thank goodness!  They love him to death and really are different children around in different, I mean really good/well behaved.  We roasted marshmallows and had a great time.

Would have been nice if this actually happened buuuuuuut it didn't.  When the kids realized that I was going upstairs to sleep ALL the kids went upstairs.  Poor Ryder ended up sleeping on the floor right outside my room:(

We left Monday...back to reality, but fun weekend!

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