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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Beach Vaca with the Moss's

Deborah and I are BRAVE souls!  We decided to take a week long vacation at Josh's parents condo in Blue Mountain Beach with all four kids.  The hubbies were going to be there for the weekends but D and I were on our own during the week.  Whew!  We did have a lot of fun, it was chaotic fun I guess you would say.  Not a dull moment...not even in the middle of the night:)  Here are some pictures from our adventure:

We enjoyed our first day at the pool...I know, going to the beach to go to the pool makes NO sense...but that's what we did:)

Last year, Addie wouldn't DARE do this...

When Barry got there, we headed to Sea it there and had dinner and let the kids play in the ampetheatre and stayed up way too late!

And a little coloring before bedtime...and no that's not a real bug...

And here we go!  Day 2 was a little rough, fun but rough...the water I mean...those waves and undertoe were no joke, but the boys loved it!

Must be nice to be the Dads...hahaha

The tan goddess...Josh said at one point he was "working real hard" digging, Addie's response..."I'm sitting real hard."  Clever...

It's all worth it, when you get this!

Pretty sure that's how I looked when a huge wave took out Addie and myself...I think I almost broke my middle toe.


Then we were off to Sea Side again...

Something about the big duck.

Nope, this didn't last all night...but it sure looks sweet:)

Day 3 we hit up the beach again...since the Dad's were here.  Deborah and I already talked about not going to the beach while the Dad's were's kinda scary.  The water was a little better but some jellies were spotted...oh great.

Found some boogie boards in the condo...yes!

Look at those cheeks!

The Dads left and I took Addie home and left Deborah to hold down the fort.  I was going back to work Monday to do my normal things and hopefully working until noon.  I headed back to the beach with Addie and got there mid afternoon.  We attempted to take the kids to the pool but it had been raining all day:(  We fixed them spaghetti that night and went to the beach and enjoyed the beautiful view!

We didn't come prepared to get wet and told the boys they could only get in to their knees, but they just couldn't help it.  Canon spent most of his time chin deep:)

I'm so glad we came late, the sky and water were breathtaking!  Once it got dark, the kids starting going a little bazerk...and Deborah and I did more yelling than we felt was we left:)

Day 4...anyone tired yet??  Crazy enough Deborah and I decided to try the beach hoping it wasn't rough...well it wasn't!  It was perfect!  This is Tuesday BTW of our adventure.  We didn't take much, but we weren't planning on staying long and it rained on us!  We were in swimming in the rain, kinda fun:)

Hello third trimester!!

We headed back home for some rest time before we headed out to Destin Commons to the splash pad and to eat at Johnny Rockets!

All I can say is these are some happy kids!

Well except some worry every now and then.

Addie was kissing the Ninja Turtles.

Day 5...We were kinda laaaaaazy!  We went to the pool!  Going to the beach is a lot of work for two mama's and 4 kids 6 and under.  I didn't get too many pictures:)

In for lunch and play....pretty sure these guys are tired.

Colt was reading to the was so sweet:)

Canon has been BEGGING to go bowling...I know strange but the only time he has been was at the beach, so he associates the beach with bowling. Ha:) We loaded up the car and headed to Destin Commons again to Uncle Bucks Fish Bowl and Grill. This place was so cool! But the actual game was a hot mess...took an hour to play one game.

Then dinner at Uncle Buck's. Deborah and I are worn out and basically have had enough! These are some lucky kiddos!

Day 6...Thursday...the Daddy's are coming back!!  And Nana and Pops! We hit up the beach again.  It was so calm and nice, why not?   This time we brought a little more toys, snacks/drinks and an itty bitty umbrella for Deborah and I.  Water was perfect!  And the kids even helped bring the stuff down:)

Top of the agenda...was catching minows.

The Daddy's came back that afternoon and thankfully Nana and Pops agreed (or at least Nana) to watch the kids so we could go to dinner with Kyle and Mandy Chavers.  Ahhhh, it was WONDERFUL and well deserved:)  Before we left we sang for Josh's birthday:)  Love how Colt is looking at him!

Day 7! Last full day...We went to the beach...looks like for the long haul because Barry made several PB&J's...

And the Barbies got a sand bath.

Teeeny tiny rest time before we hit the pool!

We decided to go to Sea Side again gor dinner.......and this happened....poor things.

This was the biggest mistake all week.  Lessoned learned, if you plan to eat outside, check the weather because it was a monsoon!  Wow...and a disaster!  We finally got out of there soaking wet...we did get some supper but took it home to eat.

Day 8...time to leave:(  We had such a great time, it may have been chaotic, may have been a lot of yelling, the kids may have cried a lot, but I would do it all over again!

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