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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Charlie 3 Months

He Boy how time goes by. Finally we are getting somewhere with this kid, he's getting so much easier. I'm able to do more than just hold and console the little fella. He loves his play mat and will lay on it for a good while looking around and cooing. He is now most interested in his hands. It's SO sweet watching him study them and play with them. He has also discovered his feet but he only looks at them. He really hasn't started grabbing items but I think he's close. Head control is getting better. I don't do a lot of tummy time which is my fault but he can lift his head some and turns his head while laying on his tummy easily.  This will all come and I'm planning on working with him more now.  He looooves looking at faces, being talked to and sung to.  It's easy to get a smile out of him and he's given us a little chuckle too!  Oh and he started making bubbles;). He still loves bath time, his changing table and the famous fan!

Weight:  13.6 lbs
Height: around 25"
Eating: probably about 5oz every 3 hours
Clothes: 3 months (onesies are getting tight)
Diapers: size 2

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