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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

35 Weeks and 35...

So here we go, weekly appointments which include a NST (Non-stress Test) because I'm 35!  Borderline people!  Last appointment my doctor said that it was their policy to monitor the heartbeat of the baby on pregnant moms 35 and up, so here I sit.  It wasn't that bad and I got to hear Charlie's heart beat for about 20 minutes.  Basically they look for the baby to move, you push a button everytime the baby moves and their heart rate should go up after/during movement.  Just like an adults heart rate going up white you work out, same thing.  They just want to make sure the baby's heart is working properly.  And Charlie's was!  I probably pushed the button 20 times, he moved the entire time AND I could even tell his heart was working just was pretty neat:)

Also, I had to get the dreaded Strep B test, not that I'm about to HAVE to go into my uncomfortable zone soon anyway.  It's just been a while.  While I was ready, he went ahead and checked me too and I am 1 cm!  Yay!!  I know I can stay there for a month, but it is always better than nothing:) 

We are off to a girls getaway this weekend at the beach and I can't wait!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Girls Beachtrip and Surprise Shower!

LOVE this group of girls!  We had the BEST time...we all need a little R&R with our besties!!  I only wish all these girls lived in Dothan and the ones that do, that we get together more often....but life gets in the way and that's OK!  It just makes these get-togethers that more special!
D and Tuan HANGRY!

I'm always ready for a photo...

Working on our selfies!

Look at the big ole' belly!

They threw me a surprise shower!!  So sweet!!!

Precious little outfits!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Township Chix Baby Shower Dinner

Showered with love!  My favorite neighbors got together to go eat at Firestone and have a little diapers and wipes shower for Charlie!  We are almost set!  LOVE LOVE LOVE these girls!  I probably see them more than anyone....can't beat the Grove Park life! 

Left to right: Abby Rogers, Emily Ann Grisham, Cathy Cole, me, Erika Pemberton (she wanted to hold my hand...hehe), DeAnna Brannon and Lindsey Fain (also preggo!)  Fun group!

Heck yeah!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Azalea Fun

We paid for a membership at Azalea this year but it's been pretty tough to go.  I think it's because I'm really pregnant and the kids have so much fun playing with their neighborhood friends.  I promised them we would go.  Colt would rather Water World but that's a whole different task!

Their favorite part is snack time!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Beach Trip

This was a GREAT week!  Nana and Pops took both kids to the beach for a week.  I came to releive them Thursday night and decided to stay for the night and enjoy some beach time myself:)  Here is Addie painting my toenails...always turns out really pretty!

This was their first trip to the actual sand...hah...and I totally understand!  It's quite an undertaking to take them to the actual beach.  They have been going to the pool most days.

Pool time!  She's so silly!

Even though the stay was short, I enjoyed spending some time with these two!  And I LOVE the beach:)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

FBC Baby Shower!

Me and this girlie are 11 days apart.  This is Megan Boyd, the Youth Minister's wife.  She's having a little boy also due August 14th.  FBC staff had a dual baby shower for the both of was SO sweet and SO well put together.  They did a great job making both of us feel super special:)

34 weeks!

Luckily there was a wedding the weekend before the shower and we had beautiful flowers for our shower!

Look at all the FUN stuff!!

"Bunco" Baby Shower:)

Our "bunko" or really GNO group got together to celebrate Baby Charlie...he's one lucky little fella!  I didn't expect all this love with the THIRD child!  But very thankful to receive it:)  I know I great group of ladies!

From left to right, front to back: Brandy Jensen, me, Chelsea Mattis, Julie Ann Hargett, Leah Arkle (the one that put all this together), Amy Cox, Leslie Cox, Kristen Wallace, Melissa Harrison, Erica Peacock and Rebecca Anderson:)

The diaper bag I wanted!

Seeing Charlie Bear's first initials!

I love taking pics of the gifts just to remember what we got and how fortunate we are!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Township Waterslide Day!

What what!?!?  Yeah, we got together and rented this bad boy one Saturday...nice little babysitter! 

Lunch in the park:)

Most of the adults joined the fun...not me tho!

Then we grilled out, everyone brought their own meat and a side dish.  I brought hash brown casserole...which makes A TON! And it was all gone by the end of the night!