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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Glow in the dark hunt

Little glow in the dark lights in Easter eggs makes for a fun Easter Egg hung at night with our neighbors.  Everyone was allowed 20 eggs!  Two little girls that LOVE to help:)

AND a low country boil...yum!

Josh, Donnie, Chris and Ashley

And there is an Egg!
HA!  All the kids have devil eyes!

Counting the money...


Easter weekend we went down to the beach to be with the Moss's and the Chavers.  We wanted to do it last year, but it didn't work out.  I'll have to say this was the worst weekend to go to the beach.  It literally rained ALL weekend.  There was a smidgen of time when it stopped but that was it! 

Luckily we got to go to dinner without kids Friday night!  So nice!  We went to The Bay, and was so much fun!  The Chavers got a babysitter and Addie and Colt ended up staying with them also.  Mandy insisted on them spending the night, so that's what happened!  I realized later that was the first time Colt or Addie spent the night off (not counting Josh's parents)!  They said they did great!
Oh my this is so cute! (Addie, Emma Everett and Tera)
Sharon bringing Easter decor!
Girls dressing up at the spend the night party.
Because of ALL the rain, we were stuck inside...AT THE BEACH!
Sweetness!  Just diagnosed with Bronchiolitis:(
As soon as we saw it wasn't raining we rushed, got on swim gear and drove to the beach!

And it was windy and cold!  But these two didn't care.

I'm really not counting this as Charlie's first trip to the beach...I mean, look at him!

Easter outfit made by KK!

Beautiful heirloom dress made by KK for Rebecca YEARS ago!

And Colt looked super handsome!  We didn't get very good pictures because of the rain.
Off to the Saturday night Easter service at Mandy and Kyle's church.

Well, looka there!  The Easter bunny came to the beach!

The rain put a damper on the weekend for sure!  It's tough being stuck inside so much!  Happy Easter, HE IS RISEN!!

First Easter


Tornado Warning

Talk about scared to death!  We were about to go to bed, and the tornado warning sirens started going off.  It's kinda funny now because I told Josh "I don't like it", meaning I was ready to get the kids and go to our safe place.  He doesn't get very scared when it comes to bad weather but I'm terrified!  He was just ready to go to bed, but luckily a friend of his texted and told him he better check the weather.  A tornado had been spotted VERY close to our house.  So, he asked me to go get the kids from upstairs.  I jumped out of bed and got Charlie...Josh totally forgot about him!  I told him I couldn't get all of them!  So he went up to get the other two who were sound asleep and so confused.  We all bunkered down in our safe place (under the stairs in the hide out).  Addie thought it was SO cool that we were making pallets in the hide out and ALL in there.  Josh was in and out watching the TV and the kids and I were staying put!  Colt fell asleep right away in the most awkward position and Addie worked on making a comfy pallet for her to sleep in.  NO way she was falling asleep.  Thankful Charlie also slept through the whole thing.  It did pass over, but there was major damage just a few miles away from us.  So very thankful we were safe!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

7 Months

Our sweet caboose is now 7 months!  Such a sweet natured little boy. Loves people, playing with anything but won't put anything in his mouth, loves to stare at you, trying so hard to crawl and still gives me a little trouble at night but, wouldn't trade him for anything!

Weight - 18 pounds
Hieght -
Clothes - 6-9 months
Diapers - size 3
Eating - a little more solids and does fairly well, 6 oz bottle every 3 or so hours
Cuteness - off the charts!

Here is sweet Charlie at 7 months!