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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

11 Months

I think he can taste that smash cake already. 11 in the world. This boy lights up all of our lives with his sweet spirit. He is a whopping 20 lbs, loves to explore, any kind of balls, playing catch or fetch🏈⚾️🎾, loves to 'swim' in the pool and loves people😊. He's not a big fan of getting dressed but for the most part, that's about it!





Saturday, July 23, 2016

Beach Vacation!

Finally!  We are off with a bunch of people and STUFF!  Having a baby is a game changer when your vacationing.  Whew.  We are off for a nice vacation (Wednesday through Monday) to Blue Mountain Beach.  The Moss's are heading our way too!

Our trip to the pool wore this little guy out.  He's an angel from Heaven.

These can't not smile at these two...reunited and it feel so good and FUNNY!

They just laughed and laughed over nothing at all.

Since Charlie wasn't in his own bed, he would wake up super early!  Instead of trying to quiet him down while everyone else was still sound asleep, we would go on little adventures.  Mostly to the coffee shop in Grayton.  This shopping center has a goldfish pond/tank.  Charlie was amazed by the things swimming in the water!

Then off to the beach we went.  This is the best time to go, it's cool and no one is there yet except maybe a fisherman and a few runners.  He was interested in the sand but wasn't big into putting it in his mouth (thank goodness).

Finally getting down to the beach!  AND Elyse and her crew were at Brian's parents house, so she came and hung out with us for a while...she only brought Troy and Graham.

Josh regulating...



Love it!

Lunch with these cute girls!  I'm so glad Addie has a friend...seems like there are always plenty of boys!

Heading to the pool again...Charlie isn't feeling his best:(  As usual.

Snacks on the poolside:)

Pops and Nana made it!  Pops is SO good with playing with the you can plainly see.

Photo ops!  Elyse and I never get pics together...look how much taller she is than me.


One of our early morning (Charlie and mine), we were interrupted by Tera and Addie waking up super early too! their funny clothes we all headed out to a different spot on the beach.  Behind the Red Bar.  This place was awesome...we even found a lizard...weird enough.  Girls had fun!


We are off the see the Chavers!  So thankful that Nana and Pops have graciously kept Charlie A LOT...but this time we have him in tow:)

Sweet girls:)  Love this bunch.

Charlie basically stayed under this tent almost the whole time.  He just sat there...finally slept a little but he was SO good!


These boys have grown up together, although we now are miles apart they can always pick right back up.

Next day!

The water was beautiful!!

Wrapping up this trip...hoping that we can do this every year.  Love these memories.  I need to do better at getting pics of Nana and Pops. 

Annual Summer Auburn Trip

Our annual trip to see the Corbitt's gets more and more crazy!  I think we are done having kids and the older they get the more independent they are so they can just GO! 
Addie made up her own outfit.  Pretty cute!  Ready!! 

The Corbitt boys have every dress up items (boys) that you could think of, so naturally they all dress's their thing.  We don't really do that at our house but they seem to enjoy it since there are so many options!  I mean it's crazy!

Elyse is going to have us do manual labor whenever we visit...I remember like it was yesterday, raking pinestraw up for her...this year...picking blueberries for the entire family in the heat of summer.  You're welcome!  She did let us go swimming afterwards...which was nice.

I joke about the labor, the kids really enjoyed it

Pool time at 'da club' 

Sleepy time at 'da club'  It didn't last long.

She fits right in at 'da club'


 I brought suckers to the house because I knew Elyse didn't have any candy!  Hahah  Best Aunt ever.
Kids are pooped!



I forgot to mention KK was with us!  On to more swimming!


I couldn't imagine having so many kids, everytime we ate...I had to count and recount plates and cups.  It was a job!


Let's not forget about these two.  Graham wasn't so sure about this new person his size in the house.


Saturday night we went out on the town and it got CRAZY! 



This selfie was really hard to do btw.

Cute kids!  There was crying after these "smiles" so many of them got smooshed!


Heading back to the house after a Sunday swim, this ended in a crash but all was good.


We had fun!  Now for a little electronics:)