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Friday, September 23, 2016

Birthday Present!

After waiting 8 WEEKS!  Charlie's chair finally came in!  And he loves it...well he better!

Now the collection is complete!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

1 year and 5 year check up

This was by far the WORST appointment I have ever been to.  Not because of anything anyone did...if you have a 5 year old, you know...the culprit...shots.  It was AWFUL.  I would never wish an appointment like this one anyone!  Let's just say Charlie was the best with his shots.  They had to hold Addie down:(  Also, before any of this went down they highly recommended Colt get a flu shot.  So I said sure...MISTAKE!  I will also say I will never make him get a flu shot again.  It pained me, I wanted to cry for them.  SO glad it's over!
We did get ice cream after it was all said and done.  Poor babies!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Birthday Girl

Her birthday fell on a Saturday, but we HAD to celebrate at school with her friends she sees most everyday!  So lunch with me and cupcakes it is! 


Crazy hair but her shirt says "I was born to sparkle"  So true! 

On her actual birthday she has a friend that was born one day before her, so Layla had a party.  Addie didn't care and I didn't either because her party was a princess party and it was so cute!  They even sang to her and Layla before they both blew out the candles.  Super nice!


Elsa even showed up!  On the way home Addie said "Mommy don't you think Elsa looked like Collins' mom?"  Mmmmm

Singing Happy Birthday!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sundays at GP

You can't argue or say these kids don't get there 30 minutes of exercise each's way more than that.  Love weekends at GP.  Right in our front yard!!  You can't beat it.  You just can't!

Why not!


He's so cool!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Addie and Charlie's Birthday Party

We had a joint party for Addie and Charlie this year since their birthdays are 3 weeks apart.  I can't beleive our baby girl is FIVE and Charlie is ONE!  They are both so precious and fun and cute and sweet and adorable and...

Green cupcakes for Charlie and purple for Addie.  It was a good combo.



I absolutely love this picture!


All the kids really enjoyed watching Charlie with his cake!




Of course, Addie wanted to do the same thing as Char:)









We had a fun little party with most of our favorite people!

Morning KK love

This is SO sweet!  Colt loves to snuggle!  I'm sure KK is looking for a project to do online...ha!


Friday, September 9, 2016

Daleville Football

Soaking in these memories.  Someone gave us this little cheerleading outfit after I asked about one a little girl had on!  She's so cute!  Even with messy hair!

Neighbors JT and George joined us for many games.