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Friday, August 26, 2016

ONE Year!!

The day has finally and quickly come...Charlie is ONE!  What happened!!!  Our precious LASY baby hit a BIG milestone.  He's such a mushy sweet little baby!  Today is such a busy day, I wish I could spend all day with him, but I have a CPE class I've got to go to:(  Thankfully it's the weekend but we have a football game to go to tonight! 
What he's doing now:
Charlie weighs 20 lbs and 7 oz (34%) and is 30.75" tall (50%).  He's so much smaller than my other two.  He's not too interested in eating and never has been.  We've struggled with taking a whole bottle and now we will struggle with table food.  As of today, I've completely weined him off the bottle...I'm hoping it will go ok!  So far so good.  I was only giving him a night time bottle for the past two weeks and he hasn't missed it.  He loves to be fed...typical male:)  He doesn't try to grab the spoon nor knock it out of your hand.  If he's done he moves his head to the side and says "no-no."  He will have to eat on his own eventually.  He does seem to throw just about everything I put on his high chair on the
Milestones:  Charlie is NOT interested in walking...he's just started scooting a long furniture just a tiny bit.  He has only stood up (by himself not holding anything) maybe a couple of times.  He's no where close to walking.  But he sure is fast crawling!  He still doesn't put much in his mouth..really a low key easy baby so far.  I know a one year old brings on a lot of frustration though. He's talking more.  Some words are mama, dada, ball, no no, more (rarely)...I'm sure there are more I just can't think of any right now. 
Play:  He is OBSESSED with balls.  I've never seen anything like it really.  Although he's small now, maybe he will grow and be a little bigger than Josh and I:)  That's the main thing he is interested in...he will call just about anything with any kind of curviture a ball!
The night before one!
Even though it's a very busy day, we had to celebrate a little this morning.  Waffles for Charlie in a fun birthday high chair!  Of course, he didn't eat hardly any of the waffles.







Best shot!  They love him so much!


Of course, I got these shots over the weekend.  Last little tie for this one:(







We love you Charlie!

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