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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Annual Girl's Summer Trip

This year we headed to Ross Bridge in Birmingham...this was a MUCH better drive for our TN girl, Tuan:)  People speak so highly of Ross Bridge...I honestly don't care where we go...I'm happy with just about anything.  The place was very nice, but I'm more of a simple girl...and all I needed was these girls:)  I do like a good pool though!  We had a fun time, we were one shy...Mandy just had a babay over Easter, so it was a little early for her to get away.  I'm also very thankful for my in-laws...they ended up keeping all the kids for us while I was away, so I didn't have to worry about Josh too much stressing out...which, let's face it, also helps me too!

We basically just ate, talked and laid around.  Saturday, we did go shopping for most of the day.  I actually enjoyed it because we had all day with no distractions.  I didn't get anything much though...just some bath stuff for the kids.  I mean, why would I buy something for myself?  OH wait!  I did get new favorite store, Athleta.  I really like that store, but the closest one is in B'

Hanging out by the pool (Traci, Tuan, Leslie and Rebecca)

My bud, Deborah:)
 Heading to the Summitt
 These girlies like to shop!
 But Deborah and I are like...
 Quick "pick me up"  we were starving!
 Dinner at the hotel...we are a rowdy crew! Leslie, Brandy, Traci, Deborah, Tuan and Rebecca.

 Connecting rooms...HEY!
 Brunch before we
 We stopped by Sweet Creek near Pike Road and look who we ran into!!  So crazy and a nice surprise.  I had no idea.
What a wonderful weekend spent with friends!

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