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Friday, July 23, 2010

Big School Boy

He loves his backpack! Thanks Tuan:)

Sorry about the hair...this morning I had to wake him up and he ate breakfast in the car...

Ok...ok. This one kind of makes me want to cry.
He knows EXACTLY where the sign-in sheet is and was heading toward that to see if he could snatch the ever so cool pen that they leave on the table:) I've starting grabing it before he gets to it, so he won't have a melt down when I have to take it away from him.

Morning Surprise

Usually these mornings consists of...wake up, eat, get changed and get out. But this morning, I decided to take it easy before we left for work and daycare and it was LOTS of fun! As you can see! So, my advice...every now and then do something a little different...maybe stop and smell the flowers:)

Pics with Mom & Dad

We never do we decided before we went to Mexico (which I will someday post about) we should take pictures with Colt so we can look at him:)


Colt knows exactly what to do with this!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

So what's the word?

0I0 wanted to keep record of what words Colt is saying now, since I haven't yet and I know I will forget! Here goes:

Ball (b/c this is what every baby says)
Bye (rarely, he just likes to watch others say bye and wave their hand)
Up (b/c he wants his mommy to pick him up)
Out (b/c he wants out of his crib or highchair)
Shoes (this one is new and it actually sounds like shoes)
Bath (he really says "Daa" when I ask him if he wants a bath while pats his belly/chest area, but I know he's trying to say "bath":)
Stop (which sounds like "Gaa" or "Kaa", but he points to Gizzy when Gizzy is begging or barking and says it very firm and loud - just like we do:)
Uh oh (actually, it's only the "oh" part as he makes 'fish''s so cute!!!)
Mama & Dada (of course)

Ok, so I thought there was a lot more than this and maybe all of them shouldn't count, but they do in my book! I guess it's because he uses the words he knows A LOT. He knows a lot more than he can say, like when I say "I wonder where my phone is?" He'll say "ah" and put his hand to his ear (like he's on the phone). When I ask if he wants juice, he goes and gets his juice or if he's hungry (and he really is), he'll go to his highchair and try to get in it (that one is kind of sad). He knows how to sit when I say sit down, but I'm wondering how long he will actually do this when I say so?? I have also asked him if he's gone poo poo and he'll start patting his diaper:) I don't get an answer, but judging by the aroma he leaves behind...I know what's happened down there.

I'm trying (every day) to get him to tell me what a dog says, but he just laughs at me. Maybe I should move on to another animal.

It's so much fun watching him learn new things and I can't wait for much much more!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Iberostar Hotel - It was awesome!

The gang...besides me.

Being silly. This horse was in the hallway of our hotel room. There were two of them and were huge!

Me & Josh

The girls...this is the only one I got of us.

Mocking the statues

The beautiful hallway outside our hotel room

We had such a great and relaxing time!!

First Haircut

After getting asked twice in one week by two different people how old "she" (meaning Colt) was, I decided maybe it was time for a big boy haircut. I like to dress him in the john john's that are so cool and cute, so maybe that had something to do with it AND let's face it...Colt is a pretty boy! I will admit it...put him in some pink and no one would be able to tell.

I took him to the mall...trying to go cheap...I'm not one to pay a lot for any haricut let alone a haircut that is probably going to take about 5 snips. As soon as we came in we were on our way back (another benefit of getting your haircut at the mall...not a lot of customers). Colt was already sleepy and clingy so he sat in my lap the entire time. It was only the two of us, so my pictures weren't really the best (only one hand and with him sitting in my lap was quite difficult). Hope you all approve!!
Playing on the quarter machines afterward.