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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Going Home

It's time to go home!  I love the hospital because everyone takes care of you and the baby, but I definitely was ready to get home:)

Here is my mom putting the Going Home gown on Addie.  We have been waiting for this day for a long time.

Sweet:)  I am just now seeing all that dark hair on her back...haha.  Look at those cute little feet.

Taking a break...


Look at those almond eyes and their already so blue!

First time in the carseat....then the camera died:(

Later that day, looks like she is settling in just fine.

Nana brought milkshakes for everyone.

Then we had a party in Colt's room...3 babies and 2 toddlers.  It got a little wild but fun!

Colt said "I want to hold my baby Addie"

In the Baby Moses for the first night.  It went great for me because Addie stayed in my mom's room and KK would bring her to me when it was time to eat, then I gave her back to KK.  It was SOOO nice!

Great first day at home!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adalynn's Two Day Appointment

Addie had her first doctor's appointment this Wednesday basically to check her weight, overall health and to clear up any questions we had.  Luckily her appointment was at 1:00 pm so we had plenty of time to get ready.  I remember Colt's first doctor's appointment and how much preparation I took to have everything ready...things are a lot different with the second...I barely checked the diaper bag:)

Here she is all ready for the doctor...She's not worried one bit

She did SO good, she actually fell asleep on the patient bed.  She weighed exactly her birth weight of 8 lbs and 4 oz.  Dr. B was very impressed with that...they usually want them to weigh their birth weight by their 2 week appointment.  Also, her billirubin test was very low so there was no sign of jaundice.  Other than that Dr. B said she looked great...he also was very impressed with her cheeks and that she already had a double different than her big brother!

Addie with her proud KK!

AND we caught a little smile out of her:)

This is Dr. can really tell how much he loves babies and kids!  We love him!!

Time to appointment is in two telling how much she will weigh then.

Big Brother and Little Sister

I'll probably compare the two again, but I just couldn't wait:)


Colt - profile

Adalynn - Profile

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Adalynn's First Few Days

Here comes Big Brother!!

Colt really seemed to like Addie, he was a little rough, but that was expected.  We will have to remind him to be easy with her.

First kiss from Big Brother

Addie also got Colt a present for her arrival...Scout!  And he loved it!

Meeting Pops and Nana

Aunt Becca

Jessica and Joel and Papa and KK

Kathy and Kristina

The Blanks.

Sleepy baby girl and sleepy Daddy.

Her first bow:)  Thanks Alicia!

Mamama and Crawford took a 4 hour trip to see Addie.


Aunt Jennifer

She is so precious!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adalynn Grace Parrish - Birth Day!

She's here!  And here's her birth story:

It all started on Friday, September 16th....the first feeling of a mild contraction I felt was around 3:00 pm....I was excited but FRIDAY??  Really, this really is happening on a Friday, knowing Josh is heading to Luverne for the usual Friday night game...and it just so happened to be an away game...haha.  Josh and I talked about this, what if...what if I have to go to the hospital and your in the middle of a game...but we shrugged it off, surely out of all the days in the week, she won't decide to come on a Friday night...wrong!  Josh called me throughout the day asking how I felt...just fine I told him (which was the time).

Rebecca was at our house doing laundry as I was sitting in the big chair and there it was the sign of the first contraction.  I told Rebecca not to get excited, but I thought I was feeling something??  I won't go through all the details, but I picked up Colt and planned on going to the movies to see The Lion King with Mrs. Sharon (she didn't think I should be alone with Colt so close to my due date - great idea).  I didn't want to tell Josh about the contractions because I didn't want to distract him from his game, but the guilt built up I finally texted him around 6 pm and told him to call me when he had a chance.  He called 10 minutes before game time (7 pm) and I broke the news.  I could hear it in his voice that he was worried he was going to miss everything.  Luckily, we had a plan and so did Josh's parents.  Josh's Dad was also at the game so in case something did happen, he was there to rush Josh home...once again great idea!  

Between 5 and 10 I was having some contractions, consistent, then not consistent, so I knew we had some time.  Mrs. Sharon stayed with me until 10 and I told her that it would be fine if she went home because the contractions weren't consistent and I was going to try to get some rest.  Addie was not having it!  Josh called and was back in Daleville and asked if he needed to come home or if he could stay and watch film...I immediately told him that he should come home because the last contractions I had were 3/4 minutes apart.  He got home around 10 and started counting contractions with me...still 2/3/4 minutes apart and lasting for mostly 60 seconds.  Josh called his parents and asked if Colt could spend the night with them...just in case...they came and got him out of bed around 10:30 pm.  Josh was showering I was still laying in the bed, then there it water broke!  The decision to go to the hospital was made...10 minutes after Colt was picked up!  We called my mom immediately...she got ready and started making her way at 1 am.

We arrived at the hospital at midnight, got hooked up, paperwork was going, they checked me and I was only 3 cm.  That was a lot of work for only 3 they were still working on everything, the contraction became stronger and stronger and by the looks on the monitor, they were jumping above the "100" line (whatever that measurement is).  I suddenly had the urge to push and expressed this to the nurse...looking worried she checked me again...8 1/2 cm in less than 20 minutes...ok different ballgame...everyone is running.  At this point I found out that the doctor and the anesthesiologist on call are basically still in bed at their house.  Funny.  They were immediately called.  I was more worried about my epidural than anything...AND I apparently expressed that according to Josh:)  I was very worried I wasn't going to get one and I wanted to note that Josh was WONDERFUL being by my side.  He was very worried about me, talked me through the contractions, and talked me out of them...which really helped a lot.  It would have been a different situation if I was ready for the pain and my body taking over, but I think I (we) handled it the best we could.  Sooo, the doctor finally showed up (once again only worried about the epidural) then about 30 minutes later here comes the hero...the anesthesiologist!!  At 9 1/2 cm I got the epidural I was hoping for, although the pain wasn't completely gone, it was something!

10 cm!

Finally feeling better to get some pics:)

10 cm - VERY fast!  At this point we are waiting for Addie to drop more and my mom to get here...we were afraid she was going to miss it.  At this point she's on the other side of Troy.

I love epidurals...still 10 cm...and waiting...

Ouch, I was feeling these...but not too bad now!

YAY!  Mom's here!  It's about 3:20 am and I'm tired of waiting...I called the nurse and said (and I quote):  Um, I was just wondering if we can get started?"

Welcome to this world Adalynn Grace!!  She was face up (just like her big brother) so pushing was not an easy task...1 hour 15 minutes.  Big girl... born September 17th, 4:50 am, weighed 8 lbs 4 oz, 22 inches long...she had beautiful skin, long black hair, long eyelashes, long fingers and toes and perfect!  Oh AND she was definitely a GIRL:)

First bath

We did it!!

Daddy's first kiss...he was so great!!

We love this little girl! 

She also gets to share her birthday with her Aunt Elyse:)  I think it's so sweet!!