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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Park City, Utah - Skiing!!, more Christmases AND some Girl Time:)

Day 1 - Christmas Day

The Boys:

Josh and Colt leave for Park City, UT from Panama City Beach, FL at 2:30 with Nana, Pops, Hunter, Jennifer, Tyler, Ayla and Fisher.  Josh was required to send me pictures and updates but could only do so much while he was on the plane.  Here are some shots of Colt at the airport looking at the planes and in the plane.  Josh said he did pretty good, slept a little and played on the iPad.  He only got in trouble one time and started crying:( 

Waiting to board.

Right before take-off, see them holding cute.
I got ths sweet note on the iPad.

They switched planes in Houston, TX and Oakland, CA (which was strange because they had to backtrack to get to Park City, UT.)  When they FINALLY arrived at Park City, I think it was 11:30 p.m. but they had not gotten their luggage or checked in.  LONG DAY!

What the girls did...

Addie and I headed to Auburn to eat Christmas lunch with Elyse, Brian, KK, Mamama, and Crawford and exchange presents there.  Luckily we draw names, so the adults only have one present to open but the kids get a lot.  Since Colt wasn't there it was pretty calm...the toddlers feed off each other, so Troy was probably  his normal self.  It was still fun watching Troy open his presents.

Troy got Bullseye!

Mamama and Crawford - we gave them a 31 bag that I wanted so bad!

Addie and her present from Mamama and Crawford.

Addie was really excited about her new was so sweet she was blowing bubbles and smiling at her.


After Elyse/Brian's we went to Wetumpka to spend the night with KK.  It was very relaxing just the 3 of us:)  Mom and I watched The Help, so good!

Day 2:

The Boys:

I got a call from Josh about 7:30 which was 6:30 their time, it never fails that Colt is going to wake up early no matter what time he goes to bed.  I knew Josh was in for a long day.  We did some Facetime with our iPhones, so it was nice seeing both boys.  Colt got to play in the snow a little bit but, that's about it.  Josh said he was ill (tired/cranky) all day and he probably got about 17 spankings.  Haha.  It took a while for everyone to get moving after such a long trip.  Thankfully Colt got a LONG nap so he was a little better that afternoon.

We did Facetime again that night and Josh was already ready to come home...he's not much for leaving me and our home:(  Hopefully tomorrow will be better...
The Girls:

Addie and I spent some time with KK before we headed to Hope Hull to have Christmas with my Dad and Grandma.  There was a crowd there!  Grandma, Dad, Helen, Ken, Elizabeth, Mercer, Lara, Kevin, Heath, Kristiana, Rebecca, Nick and Ryder...and of course me and Addie.  We had turkey and oyster gumbo and a fabulous coleslaw salad.

The dinner table...Rebecca, Ryder, Nick and I were at the "kid" table.

Grandpa, my dad, and Addie.

We exchanged gifts after lunch.

Ryder and Addie.  Mom made Addie's Christmas outfit, she wasn't very happy with it, but I loved it and so did everyone else!

This is Bentley, my cousin Lara's dog.

 We took a million of these pictures and sadly this was the best one, but I like it:)

Grandma and Addie.

Heath and Kristiana Hardy.

Opening presents, Elizabeth, Mercer and Helen.

Lara, Ryder and Bentley.

My dad stayed like this least an hour.

Grandma, she is 81 years old.

That afternoon, Addie and I headed back to Dothan.  Linsday and Justin came over to visit a little bit.  Lindsay is one of my best friends from college and her new husband's mom lives here, so hopefully this will be an annual event.  We had a nice little visit:)

Addie showing off her new bag.

Random...I can't get Daisy to stay off this...

Addie started coughing...hope she's not getting sick:(

Day 3

The Boys:

According to Josh today was a better day.  If you have ever gone skiing you know there's a lot of equipment that you can hardly walk in, skiis that are taller that you, poles and not to mention you have a jacket and gloves on that restricts you from normal movements (because they are so big), then you add a toddler in there with all the same stuff and really can't walk in the's going to be frustrating and VERY difficult to get around.  Somehow Josh made it and Colt went Skiing today!!!  Josh sent me a video and he did SO good!  Josh was very impressed with him.

 Colt is WORN OUT!

The Girls:

Well I had to go back to work today, so not much to post here.  Addie still has a nasty little cough.  She slept from about 6:30 pm to 6:00 am.  SO, I started cleaning up all the Christmas mess and putting up decorations.  I LOVE Christmas and the decorations, but it sure does feel good to get them down!

I found Woody hanging around the big present under the tree from KK....mmmm.

The rest of the week:  (I'm done doing day by day!!)

The Boys:

Colt slept with Nana and Pops last night, so Josh got some much needed sleep!  It rained in Park City, so Colt spent a lot of the day with Nana while Josh went to work out.

I'm really not sure what day this is, but it's after Josh and Colt went skiing and it was late in the day (nap time)...Josh had to carry Colt and all their geer and Colt slept the whole time.  This is on the bench at the lockers...poor thing!

Friday they flew out of Park City, Utah to Chicago to Panama City Beach.  Here is a picture of Josh and Colt on the plane.  Does it look like Josh is ready to come home?!?!

 There was a 3 hour layover in Chicago, so the boys decided to find a TV and get the play station out and play Modern Warfare....haven't seen this before!

The Girls:

Addie has Bronchiolitis:(  I took her to the doctor Thursday morning and got the bad news...They gave me a breathing treatment for her and all I can do is elevate, suction and run the humidifier.  She is pitiful!  We were going to have a fun week of girl time, movies, relaxing and a little shopping:(  Now it's snot, coughing, holding a lot, and sleepless nights...oh well.  Lots of work and she is so sick:(

Friday...Josh and Colt are finally home!  They got home around 11 pm and Colt ran to me and gave me the biggest hug and said "Mommy!"  He was a little wired...saw the presents under the tree, so we couldn't go to bed without opening them.  Why not??

We had a good time opening presents from The Corbitt's and Grandpa after 11 at night:)

Colt got to sleep with us for a little while that's so good to have them home!!

The next day KK came and Colt got to open MORE presents!!

Colt did not get a doll for Christmas...this was Addie's.

 Bullseye!!  THAT's what Woody was waiting on!

It has been a wonderful Christmas this year and we have been truly bless this year!  We can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for us!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Newest Christmas Angel

Just had to share these precious pictures:)  I couldn't decide which one was the best...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas - Christmas Day

Christmas day was so much fun, I know Colt was excited but I think it was that much more fun for Josh and I.  Oh, to see the joy and excitement of Colt's face was priceless.  He had no clue that Santa had come to see him because he did his usual routine when he got up.  Came in our room, climbed in bed with us and snuggled until Josh and I brought him out. So much fun!  The pictures tell it all...

This was the first thing he went up to.  Santa had a hard time putting this one together!

I love this picture, look at that face.

A new cape!

Batting gloves.

He is finally at that age, where he can open presents by himself...whack-a-mole!

Sorry, Nana and Jenni, these aren't the best faces...haha.  But it's kind of funny! Nana, Pops, Jenni, Nils and Ayla also came by early to watch Colt and Ayla got to open her presents too.

Hello!  We didn't forget about Addie!  She was still asleep so I got her up to join the fun.  Addie got a new monogrammed bag, a sleep sheep, sippy cups and two onsies.

She loves Christmas!

The bows a little much...but here is what Addie got for her first Christmas.

That's better.

Next we headed over to Jennifer, Hunter, Tyler and Fisher's for breakfast.  Yummy!!

Addie's most favorite place to be EVER!!  And she always buries her chin/mouth in your's so cute!

We got a kick out of how Colt followed and did EVERTHING Fisher did.  And they happened to be both wearing football jersey's (not planned).

Pops wanted to get some lovin' from Addie before they went skiing for the week.

Addie getting some much needed attention!

Colt, Fisher and Ayla had fun with this box...what's in there??

Well look a there, it's Fisher~!

We had a fun time, now off to get ready to head separate ways:(  Josh and Colt are going skiing and Addie and I are going to Auburn.