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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013!

He is RISEN!  What wonderful things to celebrate this year (and really every year at that), but as I get older I hold a lot more things close to my heart and try my hardest to cherish every day as best as I can...

We had a lot going on this Easter as usual, KK came to visit!  And as I go back through my pictures I don't seem to have any pictures with her and the kids (or us).  I'm so obsessed with our kids!  It's definitely all about them!  Anywho, KK did come and brought lots of goodies!  She made Colt a monogrammed shirt, monogrammed Addie a cute little sun hat, made the kids cute little "baskets" for Easter and made a beautiful Easter dress for Addie.  The first Easter dress she has made Addie boo and it was gorgeous! 

Our neighborhood had a little Easter egg hunt on Saturday that we went to.  They had games, cookies, drinks, blow up jumperoos, sack races, live music and of course the egg hunt.  It was lots of fun and great weather!  Rebecca, Denton and Ryder also tagged along:)  Colt wore his new shirt and Addie wore her casual Easter outfit made by KK:)  They were too cute! And they had a great time!

This is the shirt mom made Colt, he saw it and said..."THAT'S MY NAME!!" Then he said "but the "t" looks a little funny"

Gasp!  There's KK!  Glad I got her behind:)

First the 2 and under kids went.  Addie and I just focused mainly on one egg...after LOTS of "Addie pick up the egg and put it in your bucket..." I think I said it 20 times...

THEN it was picked up by another child...ahhhhhh...luckily he handed it over to her.  So sweet! 

And she dropped it in her bucket...why couldn't she do that when I told her to?  I think she got about 3 eggs, only 1 put in by Addie herself.

Isn't this the cutest little outfit?  See the bunny and eggs?

Addie trying to steal Ryder's basket:)  And of course her mother (Becca) is telling Ryder to give it to no!

This guy wondering when it's HIS turn to grab some eggs...
Addie taking a much needed break...

Well I didn't include a picture of the "go" but they went:)  Colt as usual inspecting the eggs...only worried about what's in them.
That didn't take long AT ALL.

Somebody found a balloon and fell in LOVE...

Ahhhhhhhh.....I love this thing....
Sweet boy:)
Did I mention LOVE?

There's the Easter bunny!  Colt gave him a high five! He has always loved real life characters.
Addie's reaction...

Ryder's reaction...

Colt and his buddy Canon...Canon wasn't having any of this...

Sweet brother and sister:)

Sack race!!  Colt thought he won, but turned around too early then Canon belly flopped so technically he didn't win.

Taking a potty break...hahah

She thinks she's big.

Pretty sure this ended up in crying...she really liked the horse shoe pole until it turned on her.

Easter morning!  The Easter bunny came and both kids were super excited!  The Easter bunny was very sweet this year!  First thing Addie said was "more, more, more" over and over again after spotting the pink peeps.  She was super cute because she really got excited like her brother:)

Colt got a cool watch!
AND paint that he's been asking for!

These were pretty cool:)

Now getting ready for church, always a rush...especially this morning...I think we had about 45 minutes!  Addie in her beautiful dress KK made!
A wonderful service as always and PACKED!  Here is a picture of our sweet family:)  This are the best pics we've gotten in a while.

Our handsome little man.

Next for lunch we were off to the Moss's down the street...pot luck!  Josh's parents came and Nana brought the house...yum!  The kids also had another Easter egg hunt.  They loved it!  AND looks like I took way too many pictures that I couldn't decide on...

Here is the Moss family themselves!

Uh-oh.  Addie is already sleepy!

I'm pretty sure this was over a stick

ANYBODY need peaches??

Mark...set.... (ready for the hunt!)

Addie wasn't feeling 100% and I had to change her out of her pretty Easter dress:(
She caught the hang of finding Easter eggs fast!

The FUN part!

Sweet curls:)