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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Halloween fell on a Thursday night this year and Josh had his last football game...ON HALLOWEEN...ugh!!  Anywho, I'm not going to lie I was a little stressed out.  Original plan was to go over to the Moss's cook an easy peasy taco soup/have appetizers and sweets.  She let me know mid-day that Canon had 103+ change of plans it was going to be at our house.  We only had the Arkles, my sister and the Bryants over but my house was in no condition to have people over.  I left early from work (with the kids) and basically fed them candy the entire time so they would leave me alone to clean and cook and get them ready/dressed.  It was all fine and not a big deal once I got it done:)  It was a fun night!  I love GP, GP is happenin' Halloween night!  Lots of people and everyone is out!  Here are the kids and some pics from the night.  It was me against two so I didn't get a whole lot...

Here is a pic of the two of them before they went to school:

 Addie and Collins
 I'm not really sure what I am...
 Bentley and Lindsay
 Colt was SO awesome, I asked him to help pass out candy and he did it like a champ!  Before he even got to go trick or treating.
 I'm sure Justin is giving Colt some life long lesson...on something...
 The Bryant's

 Finally got to go trick or treating.  And Colt is the oldest...riding in the wagon...

 Silly Ryder!

 I told Colt to give me some poses before we took a shower to get ready for bed...

Although Josh was absent, Halloween was a blast.  The taco soup ended up being SO good!  It was a hit and it really didn't matter if the house was clean or not!  Why can't I ever remember that??

CDC Halloween Party

The CDC had a little Halloween Party on Halloween.  All the kids got to dress up and trick or treat amongst each other in the hallways.  The older kids got to go to the office area to trick or treat with all the staff.  Here is Colt's class.  There are a bunch of them and they were SO excited!  Jake is making silly face in the back...mmmmm

Praying before their party

 Addie even got to trick or treat!

 Sweetest Jake EVER!
 Ummmm....there is one unhappy Izzy.
 Passing out candy in the office (this is the Pastor - Johnny)

Daddy Kisses

This doesn't happen much so here goes...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day in the Park

Just a cute picture of Tera, Addie and Layla:)


This is what happens when Addie gets bitten by ants...awful!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Pillow

So, I've had some issues with my neck, I guess since starting crossfit.  So I got one of those memory foam shape pillows.  Has worked wonders!!  And I have had no problems since I've gotten it and I don't even use it all the time.  Who knows.  What I do know is that a certain someone, Colt, is obsessed with my pillow.  It's really the sweetest thing ever and it just melts my heart.  He asks for my pillow and will smell it, rub all over it, buries his head in it and says "smell it mommy, it smells just like you."  When he wakes up on Saturday/Sunday morning, after I've already gotten up, he will bring it into the living room where I am and he says "look mommy, I brought your pillow," as he's carrying it in.  I love how he loves my smell so much.  I'll let him take it to his room so he can sleep better.  Once he told me that I needed to take it back because it may not smell like me anymore if I don't use it.  SUCH a sweetheart.  Here he is sleeping on it.  Angel is all I have to say:)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Punkin' Patch

If you have kids, you just got to take them to pic pumpkin's at the patch.  These two kids loved it!  We went right after a workout at the gym so Josh and I are not dressed nice but the kids looked pretty cute...

Addie just jumped on in grabbing pumpkins.  Colt said we have to find one "that's not too small and not too big, we have to find one that's just right."  Good idea Colt!

 Here he is trying to find the per fect pumpkin which involves picking it up.

 Addie was loving it!

 Addie was super busy with all the pumpkins.
We ended up finding the perfect pumpkin and one for Colt and one for Addie.  We carved the pumpkin and it died within 5 days:(  I didn't get a pic of it though.  We still have fun!