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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

16 Week Update and It's A..........

I had my 16 week update today and thought I was going in for a normal check-up...check vitals, weight, listen for the heartbeat.  I went home for lunch and Josh was there.  I knew he had class, so I asked what he was doing home???  He surprised me and got us an appointment for an early gender scan!!!  I was so excited I lost my appetite:)

First I went to see the doctor, all my vitals were good, weight...not so bad...and we heard that precious's what every pregnant girl gets anxious about no matter how many kids they have.  Then off to the ultrasound...

As the tech was looking around, I immediately thought I saw something and made a little "noise" like, "there it is" and she laughed...then we got a better look (and the baby was NOT shy at all) and my first glance was right!  We are having another...

BOY!  I was a little shocked honestly...Josh and I both laughed...not sure why, I had no feeling either way.  It's just funny, all the thoughts, imaginations, of your life with another boy....then what if another girl....then it's confirmed...BAM..BOY!

Now...for the planning!  Josh's favorite part...heheh.

When the kids got home, we told them.  They actually have both been saying they wanted a baby brother (especially Colt).  They were excited!

This picture was actually staged, but it turned out pretty funny!  I would like to take more, but this will do for now. (it's a little blurry).

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