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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Morning Pictures:)

No one wants to dress up these days...and they just looked SO cute!  Getting close to Easter!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Never Happens!

Addie is go go go go!  This never happens...oh but it did and it was so sweet!  She was like my baby again!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Nobody is pinching these cuties!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

And So It Begins...TBall!

If you don't think this is cute, something is wrong with you...these boys are SO little out there playing TBall.  This is Colt's first year and so far so good.  We've come a long way with Colt.  He's pretty sensitive and to get out himself (although Josh is coaching) it's a big deal.  He's grown up so much within the past year.  He's just the cutest thing! 

Josh has been working with him just about everyday...hitting, throwing and grounding balls.  I think it's helped a lot with his confidence.  And of course, Josh wants him to be the best.

 Look at that form:)
 Huddling up after the game.
 Coach/Daddy and son
 And my little side-kick.  Sweet thing had to go potty right in the middle of the first time our team was up to bat and potty again right in the middle of the second time they were up to bat.  So, I missed Colt's second hit, but did get to see the first:)

 Doesn't even look like him!
So, here's to the season and beginning of baseball!

Friday, March 13, 2015

A Style of Her Own

I'm not sure where she gets it, but I love her personality and style...anything goes!

This was after church one day, took a step into her friend Maggie Kate's closet and out popped this.

She probably wore this to bed for a week straight, crazy enough I think she slept better!

My mom found this cute little hat a while back and monogrammed it.  She's been stuck on it for a while and puts it with just about anything.

We could NOT go to Target without these get-ups!  Addie insisted that she wear her batgirl costume then Colt followed along with going as the bug man.

I'll say "Addie, let me get a picture of you" and this is what I get...always ready. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Takes me back!

This is right outside our back yard and love it!  Although we do live in a very close knit neighborhood, our house backs up to a drainage ditch...sounds gross?  Nah...I've been in much worse growing up!  This only happens when it rains a lot!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

16 Week Update and It's A..........

I had my 16 week update today and thought I was going in for a normal check-up...check vitals, weight, listen for the heartbeat.  I went home for lunch and Josh was there.  I knew he had class, so I asked what he was doing home???  He surprised me and got us an appointment for an early gender scan!!!  I was so excited I lost my appetite:)

First I went to see the doctor, all my vitals were good, weight...not so bad...and we heard that precious's what every pregnant girl gets anxious about no matter how many kids they have.  Then off to the ultrasound...

As the tech was looking around, I immediately thought I saw something and made a little "noise" like, "there it is" and she laughed...then we got a better look (and the baby was NOT shy at all) and my first glance was right!  We are having another...

BOY!  I was a little shocked honestly...Josh and I both laughed...not sure why, I had no feeling either way.  It's just funny, all the thoughts, imaginations, of your life with another boy....then what if another girl....then it's confirmed...BAM..BOY!

Now...for the planning!  Josh's favorite part...heheh.

When the kids got home, we told them.  They actually have both been saying they wanted a baby brother (especially Colt).  They were excited!

This picture was actually staged, but it turned out pretty funny!  I would like to take more, but this will do for now. (it's a little blurry).

Friday, March 6, 2015

Dr. Suess Week!

Dr. Suess week is always, fun and the schools make it pretty mommy friendly when preparing...nothing crazy to find or dress up as.  I tried to take the kids pictures before school everyday. 

Monday was silly sock day for Addie and birthday hat day for Colt.  I know...I really went all out with the birthday hat:)  This is Addie's smile for the day...interesting.

Tuesday was Dr. Suess hat day for Colt and backwards/inside out shirt day for Addie, but she HAD to see Elsa on her no participation here.

Colt helping Addie put on her shoe:)

Wednesday was silly sunglass day for Addie and red shirt day for Colt.  Kinda missed the picture so I stole this from her teachers Facebook.

Thursday was crazy hair day for Colt...and crazy hat day for Addie...Addie had to get her hair colored too...but I only did a little piece. 

Friday was dress up as your favorite character and bring the book for Colt and Addie got to wear her PJ's and bring a snack.  Unfortunately Addie had an accident on her Elsa bottoms, so we improvised.  She was ok with it.  And their cousin Ryder has Colt's real Ninja Turtle we came up with this Friday morning!  Whew!!  It could have beena disaster!  It's not that great, but he didn't care.

Althought, there wasn't much preparation, it's always nice when you can toss the list of everyday attire for the week in the trash and go back to uniforms and normal wear:)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Colt's First 100!


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Noah's Ark made by KK

This precious smocked dress was made by KK over 20 years ago!!